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Learn How to Make Unbelievably Gorgeous Hair Accessories at Home

Neha Rajan Deshmukh Apr 7, 2019
Every girl wants to look beautiful. They say, a girl's hair are one of the most attractive features she possesses. Then why not beautify them even more? So, here's how you can get to know how to make gorgeous hair accessories. Read on...
The hair is the richest ornament of woman. - Martin Luther
A girl dressed in a plain colored gown, with no jewelry to adorn, but her hair left open to the breeze..., just with a simple silver bow can make every head turn back! Without a doubt, a girl with beautiful hair marks an impression everywhere.
The given information shall be a guide to tell you how to make simple and gorgeous hair accessories at home, that too, without troubling your pockets much. If you are a creative person, you are going to love it. If you are not, you can surely experiment!

Things You Must Collect

Here's a list of items that you must collect or buy in order to make hair accessories
  • Beads
  • Glitters and sparkles
  • Nail polish and fabric paints
  • Colorful buttons
  • Colorful ribbons and thick fabric
  • Colorful threads
  • Plain hair clips and pins
  • Plain colored plastic hair bands
  • Shells
  • Elastic
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

Hair Clips and Hair Pins

How about making your own decorative hair clips and pins? It isn't that difficult. Follow the given steps:
  • Take plain colored hair clips, better known as "Tic Tac" hair clips. If they already have a plastic coating, then that eases up your job.
  • Use a nail polish and draw little circles on the clip. Fill those circles with colorful glitters. The reason behind using a nail polish is that it has its own glow and shine which will not fade even if the clip comes in contact with water or dust. You may also use fabric colors for the purpose. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes and your clip is ready.
  • If the clip does not have any plastic coating, then take fabric glue and spread it on the surface of the clip.
  • Without wasting a second, immediately spread sparkle colors on the glue. Make sure no white spaces are seen. Apply those colors in enough quantity so that the clip gets a good finishing.
  • If you crave for more, take a button and paste it on the flat surface of the clip making sure that it allows the clip to flip in and flip out properly. That way you'll make a designer hair clip for yourself!
  • Similarly, a hair pin which is used while experimenting with hair styles, to tie and fix hair, can be decorated. As the pin is very small, there's very little space for any kind of decoration. Yet, you can let your creative mind experiment.
  • Take a colorful fabric and cut a strip from it. Roll it and make a tiny ball out of it. Paste it well so that it doesn't open.
  • Once the ball is ready, paste it on one end of the pin using a fabric glue and your hair pin is ready.
  • Wasn't that easy? Make a dozen clips and pins and let your hair have a good day!

Hair Bands and Rubber Bands

There was a time when hair bands were meant to prevent hair falling on the forehead. Today, they are more of a fashion than a necessity. Then how about trying something funky with your regular plastic hair bands? Why not personalize them and just add to your style statement? Here's how you can make your own hair bands and rubber bands at home.
  • You'll need a plain plastic hair band. Use a fabric that will shine or glow even in the evening or low light.
  • Cut a long strip of that fabric and start rolling it on the hair band. Start from one end and reach the other point while rolling.
  • Make sure that the plastic inside is not seen from anywhere. After you are done, fix and paste the fabric strip using a glue so that it doesn't unwind itself.
  • This is how you are done with a simple but stylish hair band! If you wish to explore some more of your creativity, draw triangles on the surface of the hair band with the help of glitters.
  • Take 3 buttons, preferably of colors that go with the color of the fabric and paste them in a triangular shape near one of the ends.
  • If you want to wear it on an evening gown, you can give it another look by pasting a bow made out of a ribbon instead of the buttons. Get a bow that again complements the fabric and paste it in place of the buttons. That will give you your desired look.
  • Another way to make a hair band is to make use of an elastic. Get a thick elastic, say a white colored elastic and cut it according to the size of your head.
  • Once you have cut it, stitch or paste both the ends so that it forms a ring or a circle.
  • Try wearing it once like a band just to make sure that it fits you well. Now comes the decoration part. As the elastic is a type of fabric, you can use fabric colors and paint it in your favorite shades. Use shades of pink, yellow or red to make it a typical girlish stuff!
  • You may also use beads or artificial pearls and paste them one after the other. Make use of sparkles and glitters to add to the glow.
  • In a similar way, try making rubber bands. The only difference would be the size of the elastic. Obviously, you won't need a long elastic, the one that would keep your hair together would do the job. Decorate it in a similar fashion and get that funky look!

Decorative strings

Now this is something that you are going to love! You may have come across hair extensions. These strings are similar to the ones which are made out of colorful and glowing beads or pearls. Hair strings are the simplest hair accessory to make at home.
  • Take a thread which is thick and strong enough to handle the weight of at least 30 beads.
  • You simply have to tie a knot at one end of the thread so that when you weave the beads inside, they don't fall down.
  • Now, take about 30 beads of various colors and weave them one by one in the thread.
  • You may choose two colors, say silver and white or pink and yellow and weave them in alternate fashion. That way, you'll make a string of beads. When you are done weaving, tie a knot so that the beads remain intact.
  • Before tying the knot, we would advice you to leave some space at the top and then tie. That is because you'll be tying the top end of the strings to a couple of strands of your hair.
  • Leave your hair open and comb them well. Tie this string somewhere in between so that it looks free-flowing and natural.
  • If you are a girl with pure black hair, silver and white beads shall surely make you look stunning. If you have brown or golden hair, try golden,red or brown beads.
  • You may use shells or pastel shaded buttons instead of beads and change your looks accordingly. Also, if the buttons, beads or shells don't have holes to weave them in the thread, make a hole using the scissor or a pin and then weave.
  • Another way to do this would be to take a hair pin or a hair clip and tie this string to it and then wear the clip to add to the look.
These were some gorgeous hair accessories for girls and women. Hope you liked it! Lastly, let it be simple, yet beautiful. Do not overdo it or else it shall not retain your original beauty. So, try a lot of hairstyle ideas along with these accessories and mark an impression your tonight!