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Learn How to Make Trendy Headbands That Spell Fun and Hip

How to Make Headbands
Headbands are every little girl's favorite hair accessory. So if you want to know some easy do-it-yourself ideas, read this!
CraftCue Staff
Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018
Newborn baby girl
A headband goes with any type of attire, like formal, casual, semi-formal, dresses, pants, etc. You can either carry out a do-it-yourself project or simply tie a ribbon around your hair to make it look pretty.
Portrait of smiling preschooler blonde girl with bunny DIY ears
Anything that can hold your hair back from your forehead can prove as a headband, so women usually come up with many creative ways to do this.
Handmade Knitted Headband
Some headbands are even woven or made with crochet and an elastic for a better grip on the head. Other type is soft headbands made usually for baby girls to make them look adorable, often matching their outfits.
All you have to do is use a stretchy lace with a decorative top, like a bow or a flower. These ribbons can be made into artificial flowers as well as bows, which are easy to make and stuck or stitched, to the stretchy lace.
Laces come in a variety of colors and designs so that you can co-ordinate the look of your headband with the designs used on top of them. Different ways involve various material and cloth of your choice.
Things You Will Need:
Handmade silk rose and pearls
♠ Lace
♠ Colored ready-made flowers or ribbon pearls
♠ Needle
♠ Thread
♠ Hot Glue
Headband with Ribbons
♣ To begin with, measure the lace around your head to find out the length of the band.

♣ With colored threads, co-ordinate with flowers and pearls and stitch them to the central portion.
♣ If you think stitching will be a problem, you can stick these with the help of a hot glue.

♣ Once they are fixed, attach the two loose ends of the lace to close the headband. You can adjust it round the head first and then stitch the two ends, making it sure that the band fits and is not too tight.
Headband with Flowers and Bows
♣ You can follow the same procedure to make these types of headbands as well. You can follow some instructions to make ribbon flowers to make these tiny roses.

♣ These flowers can be either attached to an elastic headband, a cloth headband or even a ribbon headband. You have to color co-ordinate these flowers with the bands you want to attach them on.
♣ Bows are more preferred to flower headbands and thus, making them is easier.

♣ Also, bows can be made as a single piece, or a bunch of many by using different colored ribbons. Thus, this is another great design to make these wonderful looking attractive hair accessories which can be used along with various clothes.
Using the various types of knots which are present, you can come up with other designs. Simply tying a ribbon around the head, also makes the headband look very natural and attractive.
portrait of cute baby with headband with a flowers
You can surely come up with something more creative and beautiful patterns. They are a fun and hip way of styling your hair, so use them whenever you can, and make the most out of the current trend!