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How to Make Kissing Balls

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 4, 2018
Kissing balls adorn your outdoor decor and add vibrant colors to the monochromes. So dig out all those discarded materials and read on to know how to make kissing balls.
Making a kissing ball is a fun activity, which adds to the aesthetics of your celebration too.
It increases the ornamental value of your decor by bringing in a dash of colors. Making these hanging adornments is extremely easy and gives you ample scope to experiment with different kinds of craft materials as well.
These can be hung during celebrations or even to decorate your outdoors on normal days. Interestingly, kissing balls can be made from waste fabrics, thrown away scraps of ribbons and dried flowers too.


✄ To make kissing balls you will need variety of evergreen leaves, branches, dried pods, cones, a styrofoam ball, or you can also use a sponge ball, U-shaped pin, green paint, wire cutter, berries, florist's wire, green spray paint and glue.
✄ You can use artificial greenery which is easily available in the hobby stores or if you want a natural look, you will have to pick these out for yourself. Wires and cutters can be bought from a hardware store. You will find the dried flowers, cones and pods at the florist's.
✄ Insert the U-shaped pin into the ball so that it makes two holes with a gap in between. Now fill the holes with hot glue and then insert the pin again. Allow the glue to cool down to that the pin sticks well to resemble a hook.
✄ First paint the ball all green, so that the white parts do not show later. Allow the paint to dry and then begin the craft work.
✄ Now separate the foliage from its branches and stick it carefully on the ball. Use glue to stick the leaves onto the ball's green surface. Make a thick layer of foliage on the ball. You can also use pins to put it together as the leaves are likely to stick out.
✄ Use coniferous leaves to give your kissing ball the winter look. Allow the leaves and branches to have a natural fall instead of using excess glue to hold them together forcefully.
✄ If you fall short of green leaves, use moss. It will bring a different shade of green to your ball and make it look gorgeously green. So go ahead and use as much moss as you like to cover the remaining parts of the ball.
✄ If you are using real berries, use the florist's wire to pin them randomly in the ball. If you are using shiny red plastic balls to represent berries, then use glue to stick them. If berries are hard to find, you can use flowers too. Roses and carnations look excellent flowers to use for making this ball.
✄ Now, make a huge bow out of the ribbon and string it through the hook on top. Let the loose ends of the bow fall on the kissing ball. You can use some strips of curly ribbons to make the ball look a little more fuller and decorative.
✄ Lastly, sprinkle a little glitter on the kissing ball to give it the much-needed surreal effect!
Depending on the season and availability of flowers and leaves, you can create your own color combinations for kissing balls.
You can also make the entire kissing balls of just flowers and tie a ribbon that matches the color of the flowers. Such kissing balls have a moony charm to them and will make your decor look straight out of a dream
So go ahead and experiment with your artistic side to create some of the best kissing balls!