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How to Make an Origami Crane

Amruta Deshpande Mar 14, 2019
Origami can be a lot of fun, for the kids as well as for the parents and teachers who guide the kids through the activity. Read on and you will know the instructions step by step about making an origami crane.
Origami is a fun way of creating beautiful 3D models with a single piece of paper. You can make origami flowers, birds, animals and many other creative things by simply folding the paper in a specific manner.
Origami cranes make wonderful gift tags and can be used as decoration items as well. According to a Japanese legend, a person who makes thousand such origami cranes is granted a wish by the crane.
Before starting, select the paper you want the crane to be made of. You may use paper made specifically for origami or any other kind of paper with the texture and color of your choice.

Step 1

Place the square piece of paper on the working surface. If you are using an origami paper (one side colored) place the paper with white side facing up.

Step 2

Rotate the paper 45 degrees and fold it into half for a triangle. Unfold to get a crease joining 2 corners of the paper. Repeat the same with the other 2 corners.

Step 3

Fold the paper into half for a rectangular shape. Unfold it to get a crease in the middle of the paper. Rotate the paper by 90 degree and fold it into half.

Step 4

Unfold the paper and flip it over. You now have two creases, perpendicular to each other in a 'plus' manner.

Step 5

Bring the sides as well as the top corners to meet the bottom point, so that the sides fold inwards along the creases and the paper looks like a diamond.

Step 6

Fold the top layer of sides along the center crease. Flip the paper and repeat the step for a kite shape. Fold the top triangle downwards, unfold all the folds.

Step 7

Lift the bottom point of the diamond and flatten the paper along the new creases, to bring the edges towards the center.

Step 8

Flip the paper over and repeat the earlier step. You get a tall, thin diamond.

Step 9

Place the diamond in such a way that the part which is separated in the middle, is to the left.
The 2 separated flaps will be the neck and tail of the crane. Fold the top layer of the sides along the center crease. Flip the paper and repeat the step.

Step 10

Fold the top layer of the right side over the left side.

Step 11

Fold the lower triangle upwards in a reverse fold. Flip the paper over and repeat the step.

Step 12

Again fold the right side over the left side. Flip the paper and repeat this step.

Step 13

Now fold the upper triangles down on both the sides, to make the wings of the crane.

Step 14

Pull the neck and the tail slightly apart. Using another reverse fold on the neck, make the head of the crane.

Step 15

Your cool origami crane is all set to fly!
Now, that you know how to make an origami crane, get ready to hit a thousand, and make a wish! Who knows, the crane might just be grateful to you! All the best!