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How to Make Origami Flowers

Suvamita Ghosh Feb 28, 2019
Origami refers to the Japanese art of folding paper to create different shapes. This write-up provides instructions for making origami flowers.
The word 'origami' originates from the Japanese word 'oru' meaning folding and 'kami' meaning paper. It is the art of creating three dimensional representations of objects using folded or creased papers.
What makes it special is the geometric and mathematical model that one has to design to create some of the most intricate representations. Sometimes, the entire structure can be made out of a single square piece of paper.
However, modular technique is used for creating complex structures using many sheets of paper. In the modular technique, each sheet is used to create a unit, and these are integrated to create a complex structure that may be three-dimensional or flat.
The only thing that you need for this craft is paper. A wide range of papers are available in the market. You can select them, depending on their color, size, patterns, texture, and metallic finish. Special papers with dual colors in opposite sides are also available. Amateur artists should consider thin crisp papers.

Instructions for Making Flowers Using Origami Techniques

This art requires you to fold, bend, or unfold the paper, which is why you should select a thin paper that allows the bending and unfolding in a smooth way.

Making a Lotus

1. First of all, select a square paper and fold along the two diagonals.

2. Open the folds, and fold each corner so that it meets the center (the point at which the previous folds meet). Keep the paper folded. Care should be taken to make the folds properly, as a wrong fold will result in a non-regular geometry of the final structure.
3. Repeat step 2 twice. Turn the paper structure over. Fold each corner so that it meets the center and keep the paper folded.

4. The folded structure is now in the shape of a square. Fold the small amount of the corners inwards.
5. Turn the structure upside down again. For each petal, hold on the small hold at one of the corners and pull the petal (from the side that has the three folds as in steps 2 and 3) outwards. Repeat this for the other corners.
6. By holding the middle of each side, pull the second set of folds outward to get the second set of petals.

Making a Tulip

1. Fold one corner of the paper back and crease the other side of the paper using your fingers.

2. Make a square shape, by pressing the edge of the paper by both the hands.

3. Pull the two opposite diagonals from the middle softly. You will get a small square-shaped structure.
4. Squeeze the opposite sides again to make an arrow that should point towards the open side of the paper. Repeat it for both the sides.

5. Overstretch the paper on one side, up and then back. Bend the open end of the paper to create a diamond shape. Apply this step to both sides of the paper and make a turn of 180 degrees around.
6. Bend the edges of the bottom to both the sides of the paper. Move down the petals with a pen to give a nice look to your tulip.
Origami is a good recreational activity that helps children to learn something new. So, enjoy this paper craft by making new and creative designs!