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11 Simple Steps in Which You Can Make a Paper Basket for Kids

How to Make a Paper Basket for Kids
Craft activities are very dear to kids hence, when making something using paper and colors, they are totally engrossed in it. This post is about making a paper basket for kids which they will love to play with, and can even use it to carry their belongings.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
These days, in schools and at home, children are given craft activities to channel their creativity in a constructive way. Many schools organize origami workshops once a year, where you can see children exploring various new paper craft ideas and creating masterpieces. Apart from the joy and fun element involved, these activities are beneficial for the development of motor skills in a child. A child uses his/her fine motor skills while doing the craft activity which develops hand-eye coordination and contributes to the faster and stronger growth of hand muscles. Children also learn to carry out a task with complete concentration and this helps them while they do their school work or assignments. They do not become restless or get bored while doing a task. Out of all the origami and craft activities, making paper basket is a favorite among children. There are various types of paper baskets like Easter paper baskets, weaved paper baskets and they are made in different ways. In this article we will make a paper basket using paper-folding technique.
Making a Paper Basket using Paper Folding Technique
Items for making a paper basket
The requirements for this basket are listed below:
  • Craft paper
  • Glue
  • Safety scissors
  • A few colorful items like beads, pins, to fill the basket after it is complete.
Step 1
Making a paper basket step 1
Take a craft paper and cut it in a square.
Step 2
Making a paper basket step 2
Fold the paper in half.
Step 3
Making a paper basket step 3
Unfold the paper and fold it again, from both sides to the center crease.
Step 4
Making a paper basket step 4
Now, rotate the folded paper once so that the vertical crease becomes horizontal. Again fold the paper in half.
Step 5
Making a paper basket step 5
The folded paper should look like the one shown in the picture.
Step 6
Making a paper basket step 6
Open the last fold (the one in the 4th step). You can see three lines (creases). Fold all the four corners inward.
Step 7
Making a paper basket step 7
Now you have two lines (edges of earlier folds) in the middle. Fold those two edges towards the corners covering some part of the corners as shown in the picture.
Step 8
Making a paper basket step 8
This step is very important. Please follow the instructions carefully and refer to the picture. Put both your thumbs inside the two corners and press inwards. This will raise one edge of the basket. Follow the same step for other two sides and it will create a box.
Step 9
Making a paper basket step 9
Your basket is ready. It should look like a box without a cover. You just have to make a handle to hold it. Cut a strip of paper and paste it on the two sides of the basket.
Step 10
Making a paper basket step 10
After the basket is complete it should look like this. (please see the picture)
Step 11
Making a paper basket step 11
Put things in the basket and check its capacity to hold those things. Do not put heavy things as it will tear the paper.
After making a paper basket you can decorate it with some pictures of your child's favorite cartoon character, or you can even paint it in bright colors to make it more attractive. You can make variations in your paper basket with reference to any festive season, for example, you can stick a picture of Santa Claus on the basket during Christmas. Gift your child this cute paper basket and see the joy on his/her face.