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How to Make Paper Boxes

Palmira S Mar 12, 2019
Boxes are one of those inconspicuous yet important commodities needed in our day-to-day lives. Here is how they are made using heavy-weight drawing paper.
It is not feasible to buy boxes all the time, especially if boxes with different sizes  for different purposes are needed. They can be made at home by hand using paper of different colors and patterns to make them look unique.
If you are using this paper box for placing the gift inside, then according to the person's age group whom you are gifting it to, you can select the paper. For example, if the gift is for a child, use a paper with pictures of cartoons on it.

Instructions for Making Boxes

♣ The materials you will require for making a paper box are heavy-weight drawing paper, a pair of scissors, crayons or markers, glitter glue, stickers or stamps, paints, and brushes.

♣ The first step is to cut the heavy weight drawing paper in ten 5/8 inch squares and one 11 inch square.
♣ Take a small sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. The sides should be folded corner to corner and the fold should be creased. After that, unfold the paper and you will see an "X" across the paper.

♣ All the four corners should be folded in such a way that they meet in the center of the paper. Crease it well and then unfold it.
♣ Each corner should be folded in such a way that it reaches the farthest crease line from it. After you have done this, again crease and unfold it.

♣ The next step is to fold each corner to its nearest crease line. Unfold and crease it well. After you have completed this, you will observe a pattern of squares.
♣ Make two cuts, two squares deep and two squares apart at one of the corners. The same cuts should be made at the opposite corner as well. The paper should be placed in such a way that the cuts should point upwards and downwards respectively.
♣ Now, the left over corners should be folded twice along the crease line to bring these two sides up vertically. The pointed ends should bend towards each other so that they cross each other.

♣ Next, place the paper in such a way that the bottom cut portion of the paper should be over the crossed ends. Now, fold it towards the end and tuck it well.
♣ The next step is to make the lid. The procedure for making the lid is the same as that of making the bottom. This procedure must have also resolved your doubt about how to make small boxes out of paper.
Small boxes can be used as an element in party and home decorations. With this procedure, you can make boxes of only one pattern. However, you can manipulate this procedure and experiment with various materials and colors to make the boxes. With a bit of craftsmanship, you can make a jewelry box parallel to nothing like you might have ever seen.