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How to Make a Paper Football That You Can Really Play With

How to Make a Paper Football
Have nothing to do, and wish to play paper football? Then you might want to learn how to make a paper football before you begin. In the following article, we have the directions on how it's made...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Paper Football
When it's raining outside or there's absolutely nothing better to do, my cousin always encourages everyone to join him in playing paper football. Of course, he's going to love playing it indoors as he's a huge football fan. But the best part about playing this game with him is that we get to make the footballs on our own and everyone is excited about playing. We actually have two teams competing with each other to see which team scores the most points. As a fun and entertaining pastime, many of you might also have played this game before. Which is why, you know that this game is incomplete without the football. If you're confused, can't remember, or aren't aware of the right steps to make the footballs, then this article can be of some help.
Instructions on Folding the Paper Correctly
It's funny how we call this game paper 'football', because its actual shape looks nothing like a ball. In fact, the football is shaped like a triangle and is flat. Ironic, huh? This triangular-shaped football is flicked with your fingertip through the goalpost made by the opponent's fingers. But before you begin the play, see how the paper is folded to make the football.

❖ Step #1 - The first fold actually isn't a fold. You take an 8½'' x 11'' sheet of paper and with a pair of scissors, cut the paper in half lengthwise. This will give you 2 long, equal rectangular pieces. Take either one of those pieces and go to the next step.

❖ Step #2 - For our first literal fold, we will fold that rectangular piece of paper downward, in half. Take the bottom right side of the paper and fold it upward to make a triangle. Press it down to make the crease.

❖ Step #3 - Fold this triangle into another triangle going inward. Press the paper to make another crease and fold the paper into a third triangle going downward.

❖ Step #4 - Now we go to the extreme left side of the paper. From the top left corner, we need to make a triangle like we did before. But only this time, this triangle will be smaller and end at the center of the rectangular paper.

❖ Step #5 - Similar to the top, half triangle, we will fold the bottom left side of the paper inward. This way, we have 2 smaller triangles meeting at the center of the rectangular piece of paper.

❖ Step #6 - We move back to the triangle on the right side and make one last fold going upward. Now the big triangle is right next to the 2 half triangles.

❖ Step #7 - In the final step, all you have to do is fold the point (which is made by the 2 triangles) and tuck it inside the opening of the bigger triangle. And that's all there is to it. Your football is ready to be played with.
Depending on the thickness of the paper you use, the football will be that much sturdy while playing. Also, you protect it from ripping easily. Follow the steps given above with the other piece of paper so you have 2 footballs to play with. Now that you know to make the football, perhaps it's time for you to learn to play paper football, yeah? The game is pretty easy to understand and is very entertaining. Call your friends over and spend hours playing paper football. Have fun!