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Simple DIY Steps on How to Make a Paper Gun That Shoots

How to Make a Paper Gun
Learn how to make a paper gun with some simple steps given here. It's very easy, and you can even learn to make a paper pistol and other paper crafts.
Gagan Dhillon
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Model of a gun with money, dollar texture
One of the best ways to while away Sunday afternoons is by making paper guns. Making paper crafts is one of the most creative hobbies. Generally, boys love making paper guns, and even better if it can shoot pellets, right! Before you begin, there are certain things that you will need, like some sheets of paper, tape, and scissors.
Making a Paper Gun That Shoots Paper Bullets
Sit comfortably in a clutter-free space and get to work.
  • First things first. You need three A-4 sized sheets of paper. Roll each one to form three tubes and tape the center and the ends of these tubes, so that they don't open. It is best to roll one tube and roll the other one on top of it, then tape the two separately. This will be helpful as you progress with the construction of the rest of the gun.
  • Then, cut out a small piece from the center of one of the tubes, place another tube next to the one you just cut and cut out another piece from that tube as well. These cut out spaces should be adjacent to each other.
  • Now, insert one tube into the other, so that you can move it in and out. When you do this, the empty places should be visible at the same time.
  • Cut the third tube into two pieces and stick them to the barrel of your gun, so that they make a 'butt' of the gun.
  • If you place your finger inside the barrel you will realize that the two rolls of paper can be moved, and in the cut out spaces you can load the pellets. To make it easy for you to load the gun you can cut out about less than a centimeter from the end of the barrel that faces you. Taking a small piece of paper, roll it, and stick it in the space that you had just cut out. The smaller roll will look like the sight of the gun, but you can use it to pull two rolls of paper and load the gun.
  • There you go, load your paper pellets, blow air from the end of the barrel, and your gun fires.
Paper Pistol
Unlike the gun that shoots pellets, this one can't fire. In any case, its small and nifty. Plus, there is no better way than to spend the summer teaching your cousins and friends how to make a paper pistol.
  • You need two sheets of paper and some tape. To begin with, fold one sheet of paper horizontally, about an inch at a time, till you get a single thin strip of paper. Then fold it from the center into half. The part where the two sides are joint are to be turned downwards or inside, the paper will resemble a mini gun with a long barrel and a small butt. Tape the two flaps together.
  • Then you take the other sheet and roll it diagonally, and tape the center. Fold it form the center. Now you have two tubes, which make this gun a double barrel.
  • Now, take the double barrel and insert it through the open spaces in the first sheet of paper, which is the butt of the pistol. Tape the two barrels together, and there you go, your pistol is ready.
Keep practicing, and you never know you may just get hooked on to it. Origami is a very creative hobby, one that your parents will definitely be proud about.