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How to Make a Paper Hat

Rohini Mohan Feb 28, 2019
You just saw the Pirates of Caribbean movies and really want a hat? Then why not learn to make a paper hat? You can decorate them or paint them the way you wish. So here is how you do it...
Hats have been a part of European fashion and culture since before the 16th century, they have since become a fashionable accessory that fades in and out of style with the changing fashion trends.
There are way cooler ways to make and wear hats that you can create at home or seek the help of your parents. To make paper hats out of scrap cardboard boxes and newspaper has its own charm and thrill.
It could help keep your kid from getting bored and who knows he might actually enjoy making them. They are great for arts and craft projects, as the children do not find the task too difficult and they have an amazing time, decorating their hats with ribbons and coloring their paper hats and boats with paints and glitter.
Here are some simple instructions on making a paper hat and how to fold a paper hat.

Step by Step Instructions for Making a Paper Hat

Newspaper hats are easy and quick to make. Let us learn to make paper hats out of newspaper.

Method 1

● In this method, you will firstly need to take a normal household newspaper with two sheets attached, for example the center or middle sheet. This is done to have two layers.
● Fold it into an exact half so that the top margin of the newspaper is touching the bottom margin.
● Now begin to fold the two layered sheets from the folded top margin.
● Now fold each corner of the top of the folded newspaper, while keeping some of the bottom newspaper unfolded, the bottom margin should look like a long rectangle or the shape of a scale. The two folded corners or the two triangles should meet at the center of the newspaper. This will create the pointed apex or pointed tip of the hat.
● Now take the lower band with the layers of newspaper still visible and divide them into equal number of paper sheets, so that you can put your heat between them when you wear the hat.
● Then fold one batch of sheets upwards on side so that it covers the lower bottom margin of the newly made triangular fold.
● Repeat this with the other side of the sheet and your newspaper hat begins to take shape.
● Now stick the left and right edges of the newly folded lower margin and your hat is ready OR fold the right and the left edges of the paper again on the backside of the hat and stick it, thought his methods will make the hat smaller in shape.
● Now you can wear your newspaper hat!

Method 2

● This method is also simple, what you need to do is to take two sheets of newspaper with two sheets each therefore you'll need to use 4 sheets in total.
● Fold and stick the two newspapers to make them look like a pipe that fits your head.
● Now once it fits, stick the newspaper to maintain the circumference of your head.
● Cut a circle which is a bit bigger than the circle or hole on the top of the hat, and stick the circle on top of the hat to cover the hole.
● You got yourself a long rectangular hat, just like the 'Hatter' from Alice in Wonderland.

Method 3

● The third method is to firstly use a printed sheet of paper
● Now cut it into a big square, so that it should fit your head.
● Now make a cone out of it
● Stick the corner of the sheets from both outside and inside the hat.
● Your birthday hat is ready and now you can decorate it any way you like.
The use of paper crafts has unlimited possibilities and is an extremely interesting activity. The mentioned  three methods can be used to make colorful paper hat patterns, that you can wear and look attractive in.
Now you can flaunt your new paper craft talent among your friends and teach them how to make them as well! Try our own methods of making these hats as well, you might end up making better ones that others may want to copy and learn from you.