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How to Make Paper Hats in 4 Simple Steps and Decorate Them Well

How to Make Paper Hats
Are you on the lookout for instructions on how to make paper hats? Look no further, for this article will guide you in making them step by step, with pictures.
Pragya T
Last Updated: May 9, 2018
Making paper hats is one of the easiest and quickest arts and crafts projects. These hats are worn for many parties, but to give yours a unique look, you can try out different decorating ideas. But first of all, one needs to learn the base of creating paper hats.
The things you need to make paper hats are just old newspaper sheets, sticky tape, a pair of scissors, and stuff to decorate which we will discuss in the later part of the article. Here are the basic steps to make a party hat out of paper.
1. Depending upon how many hats you are interested in making, grab the sheets of newspaper. If you wish to make a big hat, then take a long joined sheet of newspaper which has a fold in the middle. If you wish to make a smaller hat, then tear the two joined sheets with a scissors. Hold one page of the paper vertically, and fold it in the middle as shown in the picture below.
make paper hat
2. Smooth out the newspaper fold with your hands. In this step, you need to make two equal folds on the sheet of newspaper. Like shown in the picture below, fold the two edges of the newspaper in the middle equally. Make sure that there is enough leftover bands at the bottom of these folds.
make paper hat
3. Now, like shown in the picture below, fold the bottom bands of the newspaper hat upwards. Repeat the folding of the band on the backside too. Your paper hat is almost ready, but follow the last step to secure it properly.
make paper hat
4. Unroll the sticky tape, and cut out two small pieces of it with the scissors. Take one piece of the sticky tape, and stick the two edges of the bands on the right side of the hat with it as shown in the picture. Similarly, stick the other piece on the left side.
make paper hat
How to Decorate Paper Hats
Now that your paper hat is ready, it is time to make it even more fun by adding some decorations to it. You can use various articles, like sparkle glue, crayons, feathers, ribbons, badges, stickers, etc., for this purpose. Here are some ideas to decorate your paper hat:
  • To make your hat look all shiny, smear some sparkle glue of different colors on it. You can also write your name with the sparkle glue on it, if you like.
  • To make your hat look like a pirate's hat, with a black crayon make a pirate evil skull drawing with swords.
  • To make your hat look pretty, stick some flower and stars on it. To make it even more pretty, take a ribbon and tie it on the hat, and leave the ends of the ribbons loose and hanging.
  • To give your hat a Red Indian look, take a white feather and paint the top half of it in red color. Stick this painted feather with sticky tape on the hat.
So, grab some newspaper sheets and use the above steps. Do not forget to sparkle your paper hats with creative decorating ideas.