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The Best Guide on How to Make Paper Roses

Mamta Mule Oct 8, 2018
Wondering how to make paper roses? Here are some ideas and the step by step procedure to make lovely paper roses.
Roses are the best way to express your feelings. A rose can be a unique way to wish someone. While fresh roses have their own charm, the fake ones are best to be treasured.
If you are one of those people who would love to present a rose or a rose bouquet which will consist of paper roses, that if kept properly will stay forever, then you are on the right page. These roses might lack the classy fragrance of the real ones but they look extremely beautiful.
Paper or fabric roses are available in craft stores which you can buy and gift directly. But if you wish to make such cute roses yourself and then gift them, here's how to make paper roses with tissue paper, crepe paper and construction paper.

Crepe Paper Rose

Materials You will Need

Crepe paper of your favorite color, cardboard paper, green floral tape, clear tape, card stock, scissors, pencils and 16-gauge or 18-gauge florist wire.

Step 1
: Draw a square on the cardboard and curve it's corners for a petal shape. One corner being the base, extend 2 inch narrow rectangle from the base to stick petals of different sizes and 4-6 nos. of each size to the floral wire. Place them on a crepe paper and cut the shape neatly. Ensure the paper ridges run from top to bottom of each petal.
Step 2: Now, draw rose leaf shape over the cardboard. Also, extend the stub at the base. Make sure the size is appropriate and suitable to the size of the rose. Take a green crepe paper and trace this leaf shape over it. Make sure the crepe paper ridges run along the width of the leaf. Make 3-4 leaves for one rose and cut them properly.
Step 3: Now take the floral wire. Take a small petal and stick its stub over this. Take next small petal and wrap it over the wire next to previous petal, slightly overlapping it. Go on sticking the petals in ascending order of sizes so that the large ones are the outermost.
Step 4: Now tape the leaves on the wire. Place them perfectly over the wire. Now take the green floral tape and start wrapping it from the base of the wire, proceed upwards and finish at the base of the petals. You can slightly curl outwards, the tips of the petal to give it a more natural look. A beautiful rose is ready.
With construction paper, just replace the card paper with construction paper and have as many cut-outs of petals and leaves as you need and follow step 3 and step 4 to have a sturdy rose ready.

Tissue Paper Flower

Materials You Will Need

4x4inch or larger 8 square tissue papers, cardboard paper, green floral tape, clear tape, card stock, scissors, pencils and 16-gauge or 18-gauge florist wire.

Step 1:
Take 3 tissue papers at a time and round off the corners. Now take 3 more and make them smaller than the previous ones, don't forget to round off the corners. Now take two more sheets and make them the smallest piece in similar way. So you have 3 sets of different sizes ready. Now place them over each other in ascending order of size.
Step 2: Holding the layers in your hand and poke one finger in its center. Using other hand pinch it from outside and squeeze the bottom to make it tight. Now hold this squeezed area with clear tape.
Step 3: Tape florist wires to the base of the flower. Now have leaf cut-outs from cardboard paper and stick them on the wire. Now warp floral wire form bottom towards the top to finish the procedure.
So you will realize that answer to your question is not at all difficult. Have all the materials in place and start following these easy steps to have classic roses.
You can make many roses of same color and secure them together to have a superb looking bouquet. Explore your creativity and try new ideas and variations to have amazing roses ready.