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How to Make Parchment Paper in 8 Easy Steps

Pragya T Mar 2, 2019
The process of making parchment paper is quite simple. You can make real looking parchment paper, with some easy techniques.
Paper is a very versatile craft material. There are so many things to make with paper. One of the interesting things to do with paper, is to create handmade paper. There are various techniques to do this. Real parchment paper is a thin material which is made from calf, sheep or goat skin.
It is used for various purposes like writing, documenting, notes, etc. However, you don't have to buy expensive parchment paper. You can simply treat a normal sheet of paper, to make it look like parchment.

Steps on Making Parchment Paper

First thing gather all the necessary stuff you will need.
Make sure the paper sheet is not very thin, as it can tear up in the process. Next thing you need is tea. You will also need a large baking pan, which fits the paper sheet. Paper towels, cotton and sponge brush will be used to blot the paper. If you don't have these then simply use tissue paper.
You will also need access to an oven and a watch for this project. If you want you can also use a string of wool, thread or ribbon. So, gather all the stuff required and follow the mentioned steps.

Step #1

So, brew some tea. Make the tea as black as you can. Boil a large pot of tea with water and add 5-6 tablespoons of tea to it. Alternatively, you can also make coffee. Then strain the tea mixture in the baking pan.

Step #2

Let the water cool down to room temperature. In the meantime, take the paper and crumble it as much as you can. Crumble it into the smallest ball possible.

Step #3

Then slowly and carefully unfold the paper ball without tearing the paper. Take this sheet of paper and place it inside the baking pan containing black tea.

Step #4

Let it soak in the black tea water for 5 minutes. If you want to add a more aged effect to the paper, then sprinkle some caffeine powder randomly in the pan. This will give a great textured look to the paper. Make sure you time this step.

Step #5

Then take out the parchment paper and let it dry, to do this keep it in the oven and let it dry. You will observe that it is drying when the sides of the paper start to become dark brown.

Step #6

Then take out the paper from the oven and let it be outside on a clean and dry table top for 10 minutes. If you want to add a further aged effect to the paper you can cut off its edges.

Step #7

To make the paper look as if its gone through some damage, burn off the sides of paper a bit and quickly stamp the burning side of the paper. Make sure there is an adult performing this step.

Step #8

Finally, lay the paper flat on a tabletop and check.
These were the simple steps on making parchment paper. Easy, isn't it? This project is easy to perform and you can make parchment paper easily with it. If you want you can write a poem on it and frame it, or you can play treasure hunt, by drawing a treasure map on the paper and then rolling and tying it with a string of wool. Enjoy!