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How to Make an Awesome Pinwheel

Pragya T Mar 3, 2019
Pinwheel is a simple to make toy for children, which spins in a circular motion due to the wind. Anybody can learn to make a pinwheel and decorate it with creative ideas.
Pinwheels have been used by children as a toy for many years.
Almost everyone in their childhood has made pinwheel with different paper sheets and stuck the paper to a wooden stick using a pin. We used to make them during the summer vacation, and waited for the wind to blow so that the pinwheel would start spinning.
However, if there used to be no wind, then just out of sheer boredom, we used to go running around the whole place so that the opposite and fast motion would make the pinwheel move. It was a lot of fun, and a good way to pass the time during long summer vacations.


The stuff that you will need is:
  • A square sheet of paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Thumbtack
  • Ruler
  • A wooden stick (pencil will do)
  • Glue
Step #1: Hold the square sheet of paper and from its center to the four corners draw lines. This means you will have to use a marker and ruler along the two diagonals of the square paper sheet.
Step #2: Now using scissors cut along the four lines till halfway. Now, hold the sheet of the paper in front of you with the base straight line parallel to the edge of the table.
Step #3: Take the left edge of the first triangle cutout and place it in the center of the paper, and tilt the paper in a counterclockwise direction, again making the next straight part of paper parallel to the table. Then again place the left edge of the triangle cutout on the center, overlapping on the first cutout edge.
Step #4: This way place the ends of the other four triangular cutouts on the center too. Make sure you get this part right; it is quite simple, just work in a counterclockwise direction.
Step #5: Now place a thumbtack pin in the center of the paper to hold the pattern together. Then hammer the thumbtack and folded paper to the top edge of a wooden stick or a strong straw. Place the completed pinwheel in a windy place and enjoy the show!
So, follow these instructions, but make sure that children are assisted by adults while cutting the paper and while hammering the pins into the rod.