How to Make Placemats

Why get store-bought placemats, when you can make them at home with just a few simple items. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to get the placemats ready.
CraftCue Staff
Last Updated: Sep 3, 2018
While dining, an empty, plain table is never inviting. Which is why, we lay beautiful placemats that complement the dinnerware. This way, even if you're having a non-social, private lunch or dinner, you can still make it special. Keeping this in mind, many people shop for attractive placemats for the dinnerware they have.
Although sometimes, if you want placemats that are more on the attractive side, rather than just for daily use, your table decoration can get expensive. So to avoid that dilemma, you can learn how to make placemats at home.
But before we begin, first things first―how big is your table? Does it seat 2, 4, 6 or more people? Whether you're looking to make table placemats for 2 or 10, once you learn to make the first mat, it's all downhill from there.
Making Paper Placemats
When kids are bored and would like to do something fun, or perhaps they have some art and crafts project at school, learning how to make table placemats from cloth can be very interesting. With simple material, see how kids can easily make these table placemats.
Step 1
Let's gather the material you'll require―craft paper (2 colors), scissors, laminator, pencil, and ruler.
Paper Placemat Step-1
Fold one of the craft papers in half.
Step 2
Paper Placemat Step-2
With the ruler, mark horizontal lines across the paper at an equal distance from the folded side.
Step 3
Paper Placemat Step-3
Start cutting along the lines (from the folded side only).
Paper Placemat Step-4
Once cut, open the paper.
Step 4
Paper Placemat Step-5
Take the other paper and cut 2 cm strips from it. Make sure the strips are all of the same sizes.
Step 5
Paper Placemat Step-6
Take the other paper and cut 2 cm strips from it. Make sure the strips are all of the same sizes.
Paper Placemat Step-7
Making Quilted Placemats
When you wish to make personalized placemats, what's the first thing that comes to mind?Placemats are attractive, creatively made, and can be used at several occasions. If you have apprehensions towards quilting, the steps given here might just change your views.
Step 1
Let's gather the materials you'll require―½ yard cotton fabric (for top placemat layer and cotton backing fabric each), batting piece, threads matching the top fabric, sewing machine, safety pins, sewing pins, and iron.
Quilted Placemat Step-1
Now we will begin the steps on how placemats are made.
Step 2
Wash all the fabric in the washing machine and iron them.
Quilted Placemat Step-2
Cut rectangular-shaped pieces of the cotton fabric for the top layer and the batting piece. Make sure they are 12'' × 18'' in size; keep the pieces on the side. Next cut rectangular-shaped, 13'' × 19'' backing fabric.
Step 3
Quilted Placemat Step-3
The backing fabric goes on your workstation first. Keep it facing down. On top of the backing fabric, place the batting piece.
Make sure that the pieces are placed properly. In the end, you will place the top cotton fabric piece. This piece needs to be kept facing up (i.e, the design will face you).
Quilted Placemat Step-4
And in the end, you will place the top cotton fabric piece. This piece needs to be kept facing up (which means, the design will face you).
Step 4
Quilted Placemat Step-5
You can either sew all the sides of the placemat by hand or with the sewing machine. Use safety pins to secure the middle and all four sides before you begin to sew.
To sew the sides, you need to start from the seams and sew the top and backing fabric to the batting piece.
Quilted Placemat Step-6
When you sew both fabric to the batting piece, make sure you don't sew it through completely. The top fabric gets sewed to the batting piece, and the backing fabric gets sewed to the batting piece.
Step 5
Quilted Placemat Step-7
Along with the 2 fabrics on each side of the placemat, you can also sew strips of different pieces and sew them in various patterns and shapes.
As you move along with stitching, keep removing the safety pins as well. In the end, all you need to do is iron the placemat and begin with another.