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How to Make Pressed Flower Art

Madhura Pandit Feb 15, 2019
Pressed flowers can be used for making different kinds of art and crafts. Here are some easy crafts that you can make.
A flower or rose, given by the special someone is unknowingly preserved in a book. When we come across it a couple of days later, we find that it has withered completely. Now, it is no longer possible to preserve the flower in a book. In that case, you can think of making pressed flower art and keep the memory in unaltered condition!
Pressed flower crafts can also be used to make homemade gifts like cards, jewelry, frames, etc. Here are the different craft options for you to have fun with.

Pressed Flower Art Ideas

If you have pressed flowers ready, use them right away. If not, you can begin by pressing flowers, and preserving them for later use. Here are the different kinds of arts that can be made using pressed flowers.

Making Pressed Flower Cards

Things Required :
  • Pressed flowers and leaves of your choice
  • Card stock
  • Glue
  • Tweezers
  • A soft brush
Procedure :

➾ Firstly, arrange the flowers in varied combinations on the card. Roughly arrange them (without pasting) and co-ordinate colors to make a design you like.

➾ Now, either apply glue to the back of the flowers or on the card. Gently place the flowers on the card and slowly tap them. Follow the same to paste the remaining flowers and stems.
➾ After pasting flowers and stems, keep the card under a heavy book for 5-6 hours.

➾ After the recommended time, take the card out, check if the flower is stuck properly. Now you can also decorate the card using sketch pens.

➾ Write down your note and your card is ready!

Making Pressed Flower Picture

Things Required :
  • Pressed flowers, leaves and stems of your choice
  • Paints, colors, sketch pens
  • White glue
  • White watercolor paper
  • Picture frame
  • Transparent paper
  • Framing supplies
Procedure :

✤ Start by selecting the flowers that you need to paste on the paper. Next, co-ordinate the color of the flowers and then select a background color for the watercolor paper. Paint the watercolor paper in that color. Set the paper to dry.

✤ Now place the picture mat or frame on the watercolor paper so as to define the area which you will be using.
✤ Place the flowers on the paper according to the desired design and paste the flowers, stems and leaves with glue.

✤ Place a sheet of glass or a book on top of it and keep for a couple of hours.

✤ Take the picture out, insert in the picture frame. You can cover it with transparent paper and glass. Your pressed flower frame is ready!

Making Pressed Flower Bookmark

Things Required :
  • 1 card stock sheet
  • Pressed flowers of your choice
  • Transparent paper
  • Coloring pens
  • Bookmark thread
  • Glue
Procedure :

» Determine the size of the bookmark and cut the card stock sheet accordingly.

» Glue the flowers or flower petals to make a design.
» Make borders to the card or write like 'I like Books' or your initials to personalize the bookmark.

» Cover with proper sized transparent paper and glue the ends.

» Punch in a hole at the top and insert the bookmark thread and tie up the ends! Your pressed flower bookmark is ready!
Art is all about creativity and hence, you can come up with your own designs and creations using pressed flowers. So, what are you waiting for, collect the old flowers from your garden or vase and start with your work! Good luck!