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5 Simple Steps That Tell You How to Make Gorgeous Ribbon Flowers

Aparna Jadhav Apr 17, 2019
Whether it is for teaching your kid or for yourself to learn, this tutorial about making cute little ribbon flowers will guide you and make a perfectionist at that, too. Read, learn, and get started already!
Ribbon flowers are one of the easiest types of artificial handmade flowers. They are extremely easy to make, take very little time, look attractive when bundled up, and can be categorized as great crafts activities for kids, too.
Ribbon Flowers can be made in a variety of types depending on what you are going to use them for. You can sew them to headbands, attach them to clothes and accessories like bags or shoes, or stick them to floral wires and display them as decorations. Here are a few ways to make the cutest ribbon flowers ever!

For Headbands

Headbands look very attractive when they are accessorized with some sort of craft, flowers being the best options. Learn here how to make them yourself.
Materials Needed
  • Colored Ribbon (thick or thin)
  • Buttons (complementary colors)
  • Floral tape (optional)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Needle and colored thread

♠ You could use any type of ribbon such as tulle, or any other fabric. Cut it into many equal length strips.

♠ For different colored petals, use two colored ribbons. Cut 8 pieces of the same ribbon, or 4 pieces of two colored ribbons, each 2 to 3 inches long and place them in such a manner, that their centers overlap, creating a concentric circle.
♠ Now, make a small stitch through this center, so that all the ribbon pieces are held together in one place and it is easier to fold the ribbons. Since you have 8 ribbon pieces, you will have 16 free ends which will later gather as the petals in the center.
♠ Gradually, make loops by bringing the first 8 free ends of the ribbon to the center (which is already stitched), and put a stitch in them. Then bring the remaining 8 free ends and do the same for them, so that all the 16 petals are held in the center creating the petals for the ribbon flower.
♠ Now, place the colored button in the center and stitch it up so that the shabby center of the flower looks neat and presentable. To add a unique touch to the flower, you could stitch two buttons, one large and the other small or both in different colors. Stitch these ribbon flowers to the headband and it is ready to be worn.

For Accessories

Another very simple way, is to make a rose with broader ribbons. These roses look very attractive when stitched to baby clothes, scrapbooks, bags, wallets, etc. You can either make roses with ruffles for a better visual appeal or you could just stitch the ends of the ribbon to make flowers.
Materials Needed
  • Colored Satin or Tulle Ribbon
  • Buttons, could be optional (complementary colors)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire (optional)
  • Needle and colored thread

Use any length of ribbon to make a rose, and knot one end of this ribbon. Leave a free end after the knot, don't tie up the loose end for support for the rose. Thread the needle, and sow the needle into one edge of the ribbon.
♦ Since one edge of the ribbon is loose, the gathering takes place on the sowed end, making petals for the flower. You could either curl up the ruffles and then stitch them to the knot, or simply hold the gathered end and stitch it up together.
♦ Keep sowing this edge of the ribbon to any desired length, so that you could get ruffles for the rose. After you have enough pleats or ruffles for the flower, you could start gathering these ruffles in the center of the flower (the knotted end).
♦ Now, cut off the thread and knot it tightly so that the rose has a firm support. To make the flower look better, stitch tiny pearls or beads in the center, and cover up the knot.

♦ You can stitch these roses to handbags, on clothes, or tie them on the floral wire and make a bouquet out of them. They look attractive, when the ribbons used are satin or tulle.
You see, it's not just the real roses that are beautiful, artificial ones add a dimension of cuteness and style to the surroundings, too. Make one and see for yourself!