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Easy DIY Instructions on How to Make Exquisite Ribbon Headbands

Maya Pillai Oct 4, 2018
Ribbon headbands are in vogue today. Here is a simple method to make a ribbon headband at home using various materials.
Ribbon headbands are hair accessories not only for babies, but also for children of all age groups, adolescents, and for adults who are in their early twenties. There are various kinds of headbands that are currently in fashion, and girls adorn them to sport a cool and trendy look.
Some of the headbands that can be made at home are nylon headband, beaded headband, elastic headband, and so on. One of the headbands that is a favorite among little girls is a ribbon headband.

Making Ribbon Headbands

Girls love to wear a headband matching their outfit. If you can make the ribbon headbands at home that's it! You can not only save money by doing so, but also have variety of unique ribbon headbands to match your wardrobe.
There are different kinds of materials that can be used to make a ribbon headband. You can choose from satin ribbons to lacy and crochet ribbons in various textures and colors. Once you have decided on the material for the ribbon, making a headband would take less than 20 minutes.
Materials Required
  • Ribbon of your choice: 20-inch length
  • Elastic: 1 piece (1-inch length)
  • Needle and matching color thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
Using the measuring tape, measure your head where you would want the ribbon headband to be seen. (There are some people who wear ribbon bands around their head.)
The next step is to cut the ribbon. Cut the ribbon around 2 inches less than your head measurement. Attach one elastic-end to one end of the ribbon, and sew them together. The stitches should be small and strong. Ensure you use the same color thread to sew.
You need to know whether the ribbon headband fits you snuggly and is neither loose nor tight. So before connecting to the other end of the ribbon, test-fit the ribbon. You can cut a part of the elastic, if you feel it is bit too long. This can be done before stitching the elastic to the other end of the ribbon.
Once both ends are stitched, your ribbon headband is ready to be worn. You can also decorate your ribbon headband by stitching a small satin flower or painting polka dots over it (provided the ribbon is plain and the material is cotton).
The mentioned method is the most basic method to make a ribbon headband. There are three other ways to make it. Once you learn to make it using the simple and basic method, you can try making the ribbon-covered headband and ribbon-wrapped headband, for which you will require lengthy ribbons.
These headbands will also make great personal and unique birthday gifts, friendship gifts, or a gift for any occasion or get-togethers.