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How to Make Slime At Home

Ankana Dey Choudhury Nov 18, 2018
Learning how to make slime is not only fun, but also a constructive way of engaging kids. Here are some steps to make slime without borax or cornstarch, and also how to make the edible variety.
Slime has a gooey, slippery, and slimy consistency. These are ectoplasmic fluids which can be held in the hand like any solid item, but can also take the shape of the vessel they are left in. It is the ultimate fun craft item to make while explaining all about polymers to your child.
Instead of buying it ready-made from the store, you can make it at home with your child. Not only will it teach your child something new, but he/she will also be able to ascertain the science behind it and make it successfully for school science projects and fairs.
The ingredients that are required are ones that are commonly present in almost all households. Given here are the various recipes for preparing slime.

Homemade Slime

This makes a good Halloween decoration idea. You will need the following ingredients.
● Borax powder, a spoonful
● White craft glue
● Water, 100 ml
● Food color, 6 drops (green)
● Cups, 2 (disposable)
First, take one of the disposable cups and pour 80 ml of water in it. Stir in the borax powder. Let it set for sometime. In the meanwhile, pour a sufficient amount of glue into the other cup to make a 2.5 cm thick layer. Add the rest of the water to it and tinge this mixture with the food color. Mix it well.
Then, add a single tablespoon of the borax solvent to the glue concoction and the slime is ready in a matter of 45 seconds. However, ensure that it is stored safely in a plastic bag when your child is done playing with it. As it is very slippery, anyone who steps on it may slip and fall quite bad.
Here is a recipe that contains just cornstarch and water if your child contracts skin allergies due to the borax or other ingredients.

Making It with Cornstarch

The items that are required are
● Cornstarch, 2 cups
● Water, 1 cup
● Food color, 2 tsp.
Pour the water into a cooking pan and heat it. However, do not let it boil. Next, transfer it to a big trough or vessel and add a few droplets of food coloring to it. The food coloring is optional, you can choose to leave it transparent.
Gradually introduce the cornstarch to this imbued water and stir it well. Knead it with your fingers if required. If you see it becoming too thick and dry, then slowly and carefully add a little more water.
The following is one more recipe for the same.

You will need the following ingredients.
● Cornstarch, ¾ cup
● Vegetable oil, 475 ml
Mix two ingredients together and cool the mixture in the freezer. Take it out when chilled, and run a ladle through it once to blend it well. Then, allow it to warm on a mild flame. In some time, you will notice that the solution becomes viscous but obtains a state of flow. Remove it from the flame at this juncture. Your child can now play with it.
There is a fun experiment you can do with this particular recipe. You will need a 6"x6"x1" Styrofoam bar. Rub this bar well on dry hair to charge it with static electricity.
Now, start pouring the slime from one vessel to another and break its fall by inserting the Styrofoam it its way. The slime just freezes up. The flow will start again when you remove the Styrofoam.

Making It without Borax or Cornstarch

Many a time, people look for recipes to make slime without borax or cornstarch. The process is not as easy without either of these ingredients.
Some options are using baby talcum, water, and glue solution, or sugar, flour, and glue. But the result is seldom the same.
To make it, you will need the following.
● White glue
● Laundry starch
Mix the laundry starch and white glue in a ratio of 1:2. Blend it well, and allow it to set for 8-10 minutes. Knead the mixture vehemently to get a gooey, slimy feel. You can try experimenting with the color by using soy sauce if food coloring is not available.
It is important that you strictly warn your kids about not putting the slime into their mouths irrespective of its degree of toxicity. It is only meant for external use. However, to avoid any such incidences, you can make it edible. It also makes for a good Halloween party dish.

Edible Slime

You will need the following ingredients.
● Water, 8 oz.
● Metamucil psyllium fiber, 1 tsp. (soluble fiber)
● Glow pigment or food color, 2 drops
First, add the fiber to the water. Pour the solution into a microwave-safe bowl, and place it on high for approximately 3 minutes in the microwave. Take the arrangement out of the oven, add the color to it, stir it well, and place it back into the oven for an additional three minutes. You can also use multiple colors and blend them with each other.
Take the mixture out of the microwave. It is ready to be eaten. If you want it to be a little thicker and less gooey, then keep it in the microwave for at least two more minutes. It can be stored for up to 7 days as long as its moistness is retained. It is one dish that definitely forms a part of food ideas for kid's parties.
Remember to dress your kids in old clothes while they attempt to make something that will enable them to indulge in blissful muckiness. Keep sealable plastic pouches handy for immediate storage and make sure that they do not put their hands into their mouths without washing just after handling the slime.
Make sure that you do not flush it to dispose it, as it will affect the plumbing. If you have a lot of wooden furniture or an elaborate wooden flooring, then beware, as slime stains wood beyond help. Finally remember, this kids' craft needs constant supervision. It is a wonderful, educational, and fun-filled activity to indulge in with your kids.