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How to Make Decorative Crafts Out of Paper

Mamta Mule Sep 23, 2018
Let's see how to make some interesting and useful things using paper.
We use paper for various crafts since childhood itself; scribbling over it as we grow up, cutting it for making various crafts as preschoolers, and making some interesting things out of it while we go to school.
There are numerous things that you can make out of paper, but if you need some more art and craft ideas to spend your free time or to teach your children a few new crafts, then you will find this article useful. Here are a few easy ideas that you can try out to prepare decorative and useful things.

Book Marks

You can make a bookmark from paper in your free time. Moreover, it is a useful item that you can have. Take a colored construction paper, scissors, glitter pen, water colors, sketch pens, and scale. Cut the construction paper into a narrow strip about 1½ inches wide and 6-7 inches long.
Cut the top edge in decorative designs, like curves or tiny triangles. Now, use colors and draw any design or write a famous quote on this strip. You can also draw cartoon characters on it. Your decorative book mark is now ready to be used. You can also write a cute message on it using glitter pens and gift it to your friends.

Piggy Bank

A piggy bank is something the kids love a lot. So, here is how to make a cute piggy bank for your kids. You will need 3 cylindrical containers that have plastic lids, construction paper, scissors, measure tape, glue, stickers, craft knife, and a black marker.
Take a construction paper of your favorite color and cut it so that it covers the container properly. Now, wrap it around the container and secure it using glue. Decorate it using felt pens or stickers.
Carefully cut a slot in center of the plastic lid. It must be big enough for a quarter to go through it into the container. Write Piggy Bank or Save Money on the construction paper using a black marker.

Pen Holder

A pen or pencil holder is a useful thing that you can make out of paper. You will need a medium-sized balloon, strips of newspaper, strips of plain white tissue paper, glue, water, and color paints.
First, make papier mâché paste using ¼ parts of water, ¾ parts glue, and some newspaper strips. Make a thick paste. Now, blow up the balloon till it is about 4-5 inches in diameter and tie it properly.
Now apply 3-4 layers of papier mâché paste over it, except over the tied part. Cover it with 4-5 layers of white paper and leave it for drying for about 1-2 days. Now, pop the balloon using a pin through the tied part. Carefully pull out the balloon bits through this small opening. Widen the hole with a slightly damp cloth.
Now, place it over a damp towel for 10-20 minutes to make the bottom soft. Make it flat by pressing the bottom as required. Finish by painting it in desired colors. You can use felt and sequins for decoration.
You can make use of various types of paper for making decorative craft items. Children must be encouraged to unleash their creativity in papier mâché, origami, and other craft activities.