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How to Make a Tri-fold Duct Tape Wallet

Sonu S Nov 23, 2018
Thinking of making a duct tape wallet? Go ahead, it is very easy. Here are some instructions to make a tri-fold duct tape wallet.
If you are bored of the wallets that you get in the market, why not make one on your own? Making a wallet is one of the most interesting applications of duct tape. It is not necessary to have years of experience to make a good duct tape wallet, you just need some creativity!

Instructions for Making a Tri-fold Duct Tape Wallet

This is going to be very easy, and you will be done in 30 minutes. To make a wallet, you will just need a craft knife apart from the duct tape. The duct tape can be of any color, no restrictions! Here are the steps that you should follow:

Making the Base

This is the most important part, so try being patient. Pull out about 10 inches of duct tape and place on your table (working surface), see that the sticky side is facing you.
Now, rip the another 10 inches of duct tape, and place it on the duct tape, which is on the working surface, such that, half of the sticky side of the second tape covers the half of the first duct tape. Fold the remaining portion of the first tape to the non-sticky side of the second tape.
Now, rip a third piece of equal length, and cover the exposed sticky side of the second piece, such that half of the sticky side of the third is exposed. Go on doing this, till the length of your base reaches around 9 inches.
Now, fold the exposed sticky part of the last piece of duct tape on the non-sticky part of the previous duct tape. After you are done with that, trim the edges of the base.

Creating the Pockets

Your wallet will have 2 pockets, one will be for cash, and the second one for credit cards. To make the first pocket, just fold the base, such that its edges meet. Seal the shorter edges with duct tape. You have the "cash pocket" ready.
Now, to make the "credit card pocket", use the same technique that you used to make the base, but this time the length of the base should be double the length of your credit card, and then use the same method that you used to make the "cash pocket". Your "credit card pocket" is now ready.

Attaching the "Credit Card Pocket"

In a tri-fold wallet, the positioning of the "credit card pocket" is very important from the point of view of your convenience. You can place the pocket anywhere you want, but positioning the "credit card pocket" in the middle is recommeded.
Place the "cash pocket" on your working surface, its mouth should be completely closed, and then stick the "credit card pocket" in the middle of the "cash pocket", using thin strips of duct tape. The mouth of the "cash pocket" and the "credit card pocket" should be on the same side, and they should be leveled. Your wallet is almost ready.

The Finishing Touch

This is the part where you make your wallet, a tri-fold wallet. You have the wallet lying on the working surface such that, the surface of the "credit card pocket" is facing you. Now, take the left edge of the "cash pocket" and fold it such that, it's in contact (precision is not compulsory) with the right edge of the "credit card pocket".
Similarly, fold the right edge of the "cash pocket" so that it coincides with the left edge of the "credit card pocket". See that you fold it properly. That's it, you're done! After you finish admiring your tri-fold duct tape wallet, you can start using it.
You have made a basic wallet right now, you can customize it by incorporating your ideas. Making a duct tape wallet is easy and interesting, just be careful while cutting the duct tape!