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How to Make Wind Chimes

Sheetal Mandora Apr 21, 2019
Wind chimes are a musical item to decorate your porch or home with. Read on to find how you can make wind chimes with copper pipes and bamboo.
The sweet, clinging sound when the breeze lightly touches the chime is simply splendid. Many people like to hang various types of wind chimes in their porch, or inside their homes. You too can make these chimes with copper or aluminum pipes, bamboo, seashells, beads, silverware, and so much more.

Copper Pipes Wind Chimes

  • For the chime, you'll need copper pipes, pipe cutter, drill, 7'' round frame, fishing line, scissors, branch hook, and crystal prisms (optional).
  • With the pipe cutter, get 3 pieces of copper pipes measuring to 8'' and 12'' each; so you'll have a total of 6 pipes.
  • We need 6, 30'' fishing line; use the scissors to cut them.
  • Drill holes in each of the pipes from the top. This way, the fishing line can be inserted in later on.
  • If you are using the crystal prisms, then insert them into the fishing lines right now.
  • Tie a knot on both sides of the prism in the middle of the lines so that it is secure.
  • Now take one 12'' pipe and insert the fishing line through it.
  • Stop at least ½'' from the end of the pipe and let the crystal hang.
  • Take one end of the fishing line and insert it through the hole in the pipe from the left.
  • The other end goes through the right side hole in the pipe. Take the round frame and tie a knot with both the ends of the fishing line.
  • Follow the same steps for all the pipes and fishing lines. But remember to alternate between both sizes of the copper pipes.
  • Once all the lines are secured and your copper wind chime is ready, take a branch hook to hang the wind chime in your porch.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

  • For this, you'll need 7'' round frame, a small ring, assorted glass beads (your choice of sizes), bamboo (different lengths), drill, fishing line, branch hook, and scissors.
  • Similar to the copper pipes, we'll drill a hole on top of the bamboos so that we can insert the fishing lines.
  • Depending on how long you want to keep the chime, cut the fishing lines (in different lengths so the bamboo pieces can hang accordingly).
  • Insert few glass beads first, tie a knot to secure them, and then insert the fishing line into the bamboo pieces.
  • If you've chosen 4, 5, or 6 bamboo pieces, you will add the fishing lines with the glass beads, and then into the drilled holes on top.
  • Tie the fishing lines to the round frame and properly secure it.
  • Take another 4 strings of fishing lines and tie them above the center of the frame with the small ring.
  • Now hang the bamboo wind chime over the branch hook and onto the porch or your living room.