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Extremely Simple Steps on How to Make a Drawstring Backpack

Prashant Magar Apr 10, 2019
A backpack is a very simple arrangement of fabrics, duct tape, or threads, which lies in some corner of your upholstery. But it is a necessary object with its own importance. Here, we give you suggestions on how to make a drawstring backpack.
The need for a backpack is frequently felt by people leading different lifestyles. Students, farmers, office goers, and most of the city dwellers, every distinct type of person feels the need for it.
It is the most important possession with you, to carry essentials, and at the same time, navigate the traffic and the mad rush of ever-growing crowds.
It allows your hands to remain free, which can sometimes be a luxury, especially if you have a lot of important stuff to carry and hectic city life to wade through. There are many types of rucksacks, and the knowledge of making one can be a very useful skill to learn.
Steps to sew drawstring backpack
  • The first consideration is what use it can be put into, because the making depends mostly on what purpose it would be used for. Accordingly, one can select the fabric.
  • Usually a cotton fabric in the form of corduroy, a twill, or a denim is frequently used. The size of the fabric that is required depends on the use, whether for a child, for carrying heavy objects, or for some lightweight purpose. For any of these requirements, purchase some extra fabric for extra pockets or loops to be made.
  • The straps should be made of a thick cord. Greater the thickness, more is the comfort of the strap, which should have a diameter of a little more than a quarter inch.
  • The next stage is making of the D or bow-shaped loops. The fabric should be ideally folded into half, with the bag made inside out. It is then sewed on the edges with the casing being attached to it. It can be turned again so that the right part is out to carefully do the cording procedure.
  • In this step, the cord is inserted into the front casing from the right end through the left, while the back casing is corded in the opposite direction.
  • After this, the same end is also passed through the left side of the D casing and tied.
  • The same steps are repeated with the other end of the cording, which is sewing left to right in front and the opposite in back casing, while approaching the D casing from the right side.
  • Take adequate care of the fabric, washing steps, and maintenance.
Another method would be to use the duct tape, which is more reliable.

Steps to make a duct tape backpack

All you need for this is some cardboard, strings, and duct tape of your choice.
  • Cut the cardboard to form the base, maybe a circular or a square one.
  • The tape can now be put on either side of the cardboard, depending on the color you want from inside, and the one to flaunt on the outside.
  • The cardboard can be attached with duct tapes of any size, with the sticky portion being attached with the duct, you want from inside.
  • The cardboard and the tape can be put on the lower end.
  • Another two long pieces of the duct tapes can be folded and attached to the main portion to form the straps.
  • The last step involves poking holes in the bag strategically to put in the strings, looping through the top and then tying a bow.
Similarly, you can learn how to make a book pack, a knapsack, or a haversack, and also come up with some innovative designs of your own. The process is quite involving and makes for a highly constructive use of your leisure time. Make sure to include friends and family, or teach them to make a backpack, and the process would be an assured joyous activity.