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Stunning And Unique Ways to Use Hydrangeas in Flower Arrangements

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 6, 2018
Hydrangea flowers are very easy to work with, hence they can be used for any type of flower arrangements. Here is some more information on them.
Hydrangea flowers are simple, cute, and available in vibrant colors. They bloom in clusters of tiny flowers. The bloom is perfectly round and full. They are often the most sought after flowers for floral decorations. Due to their large and fuller bloom, you only need a few of them for decoration.
They are extremely easy to work with, in a floral arrangement, hence are also used for a variety of wedding decorations. Wedding flower arrangements using them, create an extremely eye-catching view. Lacecap and mopheads are their varieties that are mostly used in floral arrangements.

Ideas for Hydrangea Flower Arrangements


Hydrangea flowers are ideal for making wreaths. They can be entwined with roses or other flowers. A lot of greenery complements their large blooms very well.
Colorful wreaths using pink, purple, and blue flowers look apt for holiday wreaths. Blue ones are mostly used for Easter wreaths.


Hydrangea can make for a dazzling centerpiece, all by its own. The large and full bloom alleviates the need for fillers. A couple of blooms placed in a clear glass vase look stunning for formal table settings.
Larger blooms in vibrant colors can be selected for wedding centerpieces. It also looks great in combination with other flowers. Roses and hydrangea complement each other very well. Flower arrangements with white hydrangeas looks apt for formal wedding centerpieces, whereas baby blue ones look perfect for winter weddings.

Wedding Canopies

These flowers are best suited for canopy decorations due to their large head. Purple ones with white and yellow roses look stunning in a canopy decoration.
The vibrant colors surrounding the bride and groom create a very lively and cheerful ambiance on the wedding. And their generous bloom creates an illusion of volume in a canopy decoration.

Bridal Bouquets

After roses and calla lilies, hydrangeas are the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets. Since, they are simple and cute, they exude a sweet romantic charm. Hence, most brides go for them for their bridal bouquets.
Hydrangeas entwined with white roses make for a striking bridal bouquet. Other flowers that can be combined in wedding flower arrangements are exotic orchids and colorful gerberas. Pink gerberas look particularly gorgeous with purple hydrangeas in a wedding bouquet.

Pew Decorations

Pew decoration becomes a must for church weddings or other functions. Simply tying a cluster of hydrangeas with a ceremonial ribbon suffices the need for wedding pew decorations. Tie the cluster on the backside of the pew or at the aisle end of pew.
Rows of pews with hydrangeas cluster tied at the end create a welcoming and grand entrance for the bride and groom.

Outdoor Flower Decorations

Hydrangea could also be your first choice for floral decorations while hosting outdoor parties. Since, they are available from spring to fall, they are ideal for evening parties in spring as well as cool summer afternoon brunches.
Their cheerful colors, such as pink and purple look great for outdoor parties. Arrangement should be simple and elegant. Placing a handful of flowers in a glass vase or a crystal dish looks stunning.
Silk hydrangea flowers can be used when real ones are not available. Silk ones look as beautiful as real ones and make for a cheaper and lasting option.
Thus, hydrangeas could be your ultimate choice for any type of floral arrangement.