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Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages

Madhura Pandit Mar 12, 2019
Scrapbooking is a creative craft that is used to preserve photographs and other written or printed souvenirs. It can be done in various ways. Check these awesome ideas for scrapbooking pages.
Scrapbooking helps to preserve special memories and events for a life time. Once you capture these moments with a digital camera, all you need to do is to sort and arrange them in a special way.
Scrapbooking memorial pages will save those moments forever. You can scrapbook your school day memories, courtship days memories, wedding memories, baby's memories, or the memories of a loved one who is no longer there with you.
You can use simple decorating and coloring material or things that are easily available at home to decorate the scrapbook. In most of the cases, an album is used as a scrapbook.
As an album is thickly bound, it can be preserved for a long time. Albums of various sizes are available and can help you preserve numerous scrapbooking pages. The following ideas will help you to create a scrapbook.

How to Scrapbook Pages

● Writing catchy and appropriate captions above each photograph is the most important thing while decorating scrapbooks. You can come up with your own or look on the Internet for them. You can write comments or even the first thing that comes in your mind on seeing the photograph.
● Felt pens are the most useful and easiest means of decorating a scrapbook by coloring pages. You can write captions, draw designs, and pictures using felt pens. As felt pens are available in a variety of colors, you can have a myriad of design options.
● Shells or colorful stones can also be used to create designs. If you want to create a scrapbook of a beach vacation, decorating the photographs with shells will be apt. You can collect shells from the beach itself as a souvenir and use them to decorate your book.
● Scrapbooking black and white page ideas include decorating black and white photos by embossing or using metal pieces to create a different look. Do not use bright colors to decorate a scrapbook with black and white photos.
● If you are good at embroidery, you can make use of your skills and create embroidery designs on paper to decorate. You can even glue lace or colorful beads or buttons to the edges of photographs.
● Every parent wishes to preserve the 'firsts' in their baby's life. You even get ready-made templates of baby scrapbooking pages that are already decorated. You just have to paste photographs and fill in text at appropriate places.
● You can make a toddler decorate his scrapbook using the simplest method of smudging. Water based colors can be used for the purpose. You must make sure to supervise it and not leave your child alone with the colors. You can even use organic colors.
● Scrapbooking recipe pages can be fun. You can paste the photograph of the dish that you have prepared and write the recipe alongside. You can even paste the photograph of the person who specializes in the particular recipe. If you have cooked any special meal with your loved one, you can have a photograph and preserve the memory in your book.
● You can even make use of colors and paints to draw designs of specific foods and dishes for scrapbooking recipe pages. If you have found a mouth-watering dish with a recipe in a magazine, you can paste the magazine page in your book and decorate it.
● Scrapbooking ideas also include using digital photographs, advanced printing and designing options that make decorating pages easier. You have various options and ready-made patterns to choose from.
You need not to be extremely artistic in order to have a decorative scrapbook. You should just try to find out as many things that can be used for decoration as possible. You can even come up with some creative things that can be used to decorate pages.
Pictures of flowers, leaves, animals can be drawn or even cut from magazines for decoration. The aforementioned ideas will help you to have a creative and wonderful scrapbook to preserve all the special moments in your life.