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Japanese Crafts for Kids

Unique Japanese Crafts for Kids That are Very Easy to Make

Making crafts is a very creative way for children to spend leisure hours at home. Here are some interesting ideas on Japanese crafts meant for kids.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 5, 2019
Japanese Traditional Dolls
There are many interesting things about Japanese art. If you want to learn something new, we would like to share some unique crafts that kids can do. Parents too can have a fun time teaching children to make these on their own. Take a look at these step-by-step instructions.
Green Fan
What You Will Need
- Ice pop sticks
- Pens and/or paint
- Glue
- Paper - A4 or letter size
Begin by drawing a shape of a rainbow on the paper. Once done, cut it out carefully. You can decorate the paper in any way you wish. You can have a soft effect with water colors or even try something sketchy with paints. Once it dries, you can even try calligraphy style and write some Japanese script.
Allow your creativity to run loose. Once done, you need to place the ice pop sticks in the basic shape of a fan. Keep these sticks about 1 cm away from each other, and glue the ends together. Stick your decorated paper over the upper area of the fan. Your pretty Japanese fan is ready to be used on a hot summer day.
Japanese kokeshi dolls with key ring made of wood isolated
What You Will Need
- Needle
- Bowl
- Raw egg - 1
- Glue
- Black yarn
- Paints
- Colored tissue paper
- Plastic bottle cap - 1
- Paintbrushes, preferable fine
First, you need to take the needle and make a tiny hole in one side of the raw egg. This is done to help you break it later on. Your next step is to make a somewhat larger hole at the other end. Now, hold this egg over a bowl. You need to blow on the small hole till the raw egg manages to seep out through the larger hole.
Do this step carefully, as you will need to blow a little hard. Once the egg shell is empty, rinse the inside of it gently. Once it dries, the larger end of the shell should be glued to the bottle cap. This is done so that the shell can stand up properly. Now, take the tissue paper and use it creatively to make clothes for the doll.
Color it and cut it as you require. Stick black colored yarn on the 'head' of the doll. Paint the face to give it definition. Your doll is all set and ready.
With these ideas, children and parents can have a fun time at home together. This is surely a useful and creative way of spending the free hours in the holidays.