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Lanyard Crafts for Kids

Sheetal Mandora Mar 2, 2019
Engaging kids in fun craft ideas is a great way to stimulate their minds, and help them learn something new. Read on to find how kids can do different lanyard crafts.
Lanyard is a rope or cord that helps tie ID cards, house or car keys, stopwatches, or other important cards.
Besides using plastic strings, there are other materials like polyester, woven, tubular, and nylon that can be used to customize any design.
Whether you wish to make key chains or wall hangings, here are all the necessary steps for you!

Lanyard Key Chain

Items Required:
  • Colorful beads
  • A lanyard hook
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Colorful crimp beads
  • Crimp bead wires
  • Key ring
  • Beading pliers
  • Crimp bead cover

♦ First of all, cut two wires of the same length. These wires are tied securely to the key ring. Make sure the wires are properly tied into a knot and are not free. In order to secure this knot, insert a crimp bead in both the wires.
♦ With the beading pliers, bring that bead as close to the key ring as possible and then tie another knot to secure. Next, secure this crimp bead with the crimp bead cover.

♦ Now, here is the pattern for the key chain. There are various kinds of lanyard knots such as single, double, and triple-loop knots, cow hitch, pile hitch, and many more.
♦ After each knot, insert one or more beads into the wires. Make sure to place them one at a time.

♦ When you reach the end, alike the top, place a crimp bead and tie the wires with a knot.

♦ Place the magnetic clasp now. Use the beading pliers to tie the knot and the clasp. Cut the extra wire close to the knot and your beaded lanyard key chain is ready.

Lanyard Wall Hanging

Items Required:

  • Colorful yarn
  • Pair of chopsticks or pencils
  • Scissors

✤ Take one chopstick or pencil to tie the yarn (1st color) in the center; tie a simple, secured knot. Hold the 1st chopstick horizontally and place the 2nd chopstick on top of the 1st one vertically. The shape should look like a cross or +.
✤ Wrap the yarn few times over both chopsticks in X pattern. Take the same 1st yarn color and start twisting it around both chopsticks in the shape of a diamond.

✤ Just make sure to wrap it around each chopstick. This will make sure that the shape of your wall hanging is intact. Continue with the 1st color to make at least 5―8 lines around the chopsticks.
✤ Now, to change the color, cut the 1st color and tie the ends of both yarns. Follow the same diamond shape with the 2nd color as well.

✤ Keep changing the colors of the yarn and make the wall hanging as big and as colorful as you like.
✤ When you wish to finish, cut the last yarn when it reaches to a side where you wish to hang it from. Wrap the yarn around couple of times and tie into a knot. Hang your wall hanging in your room.