Large Flower Arrangements

6 Simple Steps to Making Large Flower Arrangements That Look Gorgeous

Important occasions dealing with masses of people such as in the case of political functions, weddings, dance programs, annual functions, school functions, etc., call for large flower arrangements.
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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2018
Beautiful flowers on wedding table decoration arrangement
Flower arrangements do require artistic hands. Even though flowers are pretty by themselves, arranging them appropriately gives them a magnificent look. Flower arrangement is an art and although there are classes that teach how to arrange flowers, it is more of an instinct-based activity.
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One needs to have an open mind while dealing with flowers, and bring together different flowers and leaves of various colors to form a gorgeous floral arrangement.
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The best part about flower arrangement is that there is no hard and fast rule about how one goes about it. The outcome is what matters and not the procedure. However, there is a major difference between small and large flower arrangements.
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Making large flower arrangements not only requires more flowers, time, and energy, but also requires a vision before beginning the task. The loss incurred due to any goof-up will be far more than as with small flower arrangements.
Step 1: Determine the Purpose
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The first step to flower arrangement is determining the occasion for which the arrangement is required. Flower arrangements for weddings, school functions, political conferences, etc., will vary.
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Depending on the occasion, the style of flower arrangement will differ. If it's a wedding, then the wedding theme will determine the color and kind of flowers to be used.
Step 2: Choose the Arrangement Type
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There are various styles of floral arrangements that can be done, for example, horizontal, vertical, crescent, free-standing, oval, triangular arrangements, etc.
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Depending on the space availability, table settings, stage settings, etc., one needs to figure out what kind of arrangement type is suitable. You can always use a combination of different types of arrangements as well.
Step 3: Select the Right Flower Size
Flower Arrangement With Physalis
The key to successful flower arrangements is getting the right flowers and leaves. Often people end up committing the mistake of getting small flowers for large flower arrangements.
Flower Arrangement
Small flowers are not bad, however, large, lush flowers with plenty of greens complementing them is what is actually required.
Step 4: Select the Right Container Size
Bouquet Of Carnation In A Vase
After checking the size of the hall or garden, one gets an idea of how large the flower arrangement should be. Get a container of appropriate size, for example, you could take tall vases, broad-base containers, etc.
Gardenia Flowers In A Black Vase
It's always best to arrange the flowers in a container that is not typically used for flower arrangements. This adds an interesting touch!
Step 5: Shaping the Flowers
Pink Dahlias In Glass Vase
Measure the size of the flowers outside the vase, and make a rough estimate of how long or short the flower stems should be. Use a sharp cutter to cut the stalks.
Adding the finishing touches
Use a sharp cutter to cut the stalks. Often people neglect the fact that sharp knives or cutters play important roles in flower arrangement. Sharp cuts allow water to flow into the flower stems, which does not become possible with ragged edges.
Step 6: Arranging Flower and Foliage
Tulips In A Glass Vase
In the container, insert tall flowers right in the center of the vase. Then surround these tall flowers with shorter flowers, and keep adding the shorter ones to the vase.
Bouquet Of Tulips And Gypsophila
Add filler flowers to enhance the look, and also add lovely lush green foliage to finish the masterpiece. Ferns and eucalyptus branches form great foliage for arrangements.
Florists are coming up with scores of innovative ideas that are simply fascinating to look at. We need to remember that these florists have spent years arranging flowers, and have reached the level of professional designers. So, the next time you attend a wedding or large gathering, note the type of flower arrangement, and draw inspiration from them.