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Lily Flower Arrangements

Adorably Beautiful Ideas for Lily Flower Arrangements

Flowers are beautiful representations of nature in multiple color combinations. Lilies are one such example from which you cannot get your eyes off. Take a look at some elegant lily flower arrangements for occasions of any kind.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Lilies symbolize true love and sympathy. There are many varieties of this flower that are used for occasions like weddings, funerals, and birthdays, and every occasion has a specific type of lily. They look beautiful and exotic no matter how you present them. They can be made into a bouquet or simply presented as one flower stick, but they will still look simple and graceful.
There are many colors that are hosted by lilies, such as yellow, white, pink, orange, purple, red, etc. They look ravishing in all of them and can be gifted on any occasion, happy or sad. You can arrange them into bouquets as well as centerpieces on tables, and they will light up the entire room.
Weddings are THE occasions for flowers in all their different kinds of arrangements, like centerpieces, bouquets, arch decorations, wall decorations and many other ways of displaying them. Lilies are very often used at weddings as they look very festive and elegant.
Calla Lily Flower Arrangements
Calla lilies look exotic and fresh, and glow up any room with just two flowers arranged together. As weddings are all about the best bridal bouquet, given here are some lily arrangements for the same.
Bridal Bouquet 1
  • 8 stalks white or pink calla lilies
  • 7 stalks pink or white hydrangeas
  • Floral stem wrap
  • 2 yards white satin ribbon
  • Scissors, wire cutter
Separate each stem of the hydrangea, and stick a floral wire to each of its stem, and then wrap it with green tape. Now, take the calla lilies, and cut their stems to the desired length to arrange them in the middle of the hydrangeas. Wrap this whole arrangement with some more green tape, and then tie a beautiful satin bow around the stems of the bouquet. Make it look elegant and simple with more calla lilies if needed.
Bridal Bouquet 2
  • 5 stalks white calla lilies
  • 5 stalks yellow calla lilies
  • Green floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Yellow satin ribbon
  • Scissors and wire cutter
This is an arm bouquet and needs to be made in the flowing manner. Cut the stalks of the white and yellow callas in different lengths, some long and some short. Arrange them in a flowing way like you are holding it from your arm and it flows in the lower direction. Tie them together with the wire to keep them in place, and then wrap their bottoms with the green tape tightly. Cut a piece of the yellow satin ribbon, and roll it round the bouquet to tie a bow in the front. This bouquet would go with any bridal grown, as it very simple yet looks rich and classy.
Some calla lilies like pink, burgundy, violet, and orange can look very attractive when cut up to the necks and arranged in a centerpiece jar with wire and green tape. You can always add more fillers to give the floral calla lily centerpieces a bloomed look. No matter what color these are, they look impressive as morning as well as night flowers.
White Lily Arrangements
White lilies are also very stunning to look at. White tiger lilies are very famous for their entire bloomed look as they are eye-catching from any corner of the room. Here are some flower arrangements which are very easy to make and look good with any background colors.
Bouquet 1
  • 10 stalks white tiger lilies
  • 1 glass vase
  • Scissors and wire cutter
First of all, if you want these flowers to be in one place, you will have to set a wire arrangement in the vase. So, place these wires in all directions inside the vase to make a network and hold them on the mouth of the vase. Then, add some water to it and a pinch of sugar. Place the stalks of lilies one by one in the respective slots of the wire mesh, and erect it to look bloomed. Add fillers if needed, otherwise the leaves of these lilies are also quite filling and presentable.
Bouquet 2
  • 8 stalks white lilies
  • 8 stalks iris blues or deep purple iris
  • Purple crystal vase
  • Scissors
You can mix flowers of any color with white lilies to make them look bright and beautiful. In this bouquet, we will use either blue or purple iris flowers. You can make the same arrangement with pink, yellow, and read morning glories as well. Roses can also be a part of this bouquet if you desire. Like the first bouquet, arrange a wire mesh inside the vase (optional).
Add water and sugar to a certain limit, and then place all the flowers one by one. Make sure that the white lilies are either on the inside or the outside, and the irises should be in a similar manner. You can also mix the two colors together, but add green fillers in this case to avoid the monotony of the colors. Outdoor flower arrangements also look lovely and can be considered as an option.
With these lovely ideas for flower arrangements, you can have your home or any other place look bright and lit up. They not only give a decent, but also a royal and classy look. So, go ahead and give your guests a flowery treat the next time they visit.
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