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Making Duct Tape Hair Accessories

Divya Bichu Apr 7, 2019
Hair accessories are important additions to your overall outfit and stunning looks. Emphasize your look by adoring your hair with these stylish hair accessories made at home using duct tape. Keep reading to know more.
You would hardly consider buying duct tape lying on the display of a supermarket until one of your friends doesn't make duct tape jewelry and hair accessories.The whole craft idea is so interesting that it will make you buy some colored duct tape to make your own hair accessories, some of which are shared here.
Duct tape is inexpensive and is useful in many more ways. You can make a number of things with it like a wallet, purse, bow rings, key chains, ties, bracelets, bangles and so on. Since this information is on making duct tape hair accessories, you will learn this wonderful art easily.
You don't need to have the hands of a craftsman, it's easy and there are simple steps to be followed. You will surely get involved in making duct tape accessories, you can also come up with your own ideas. (Don't forget to share it.) Minimal supplies and maximum imagination will create a number of different accessories within no time. So let's get started...

Duct Tape Hair Accessories

Hair Bows

Hair bows are the simplest to make, you just have to be a little careful to get the folds right! Choose duct tape with a large width, unroll it and cut it out (approximately 6-8 inches), the length would depend on how big you want the bow to be. Next, fold the tape in half with the colored side up.
Now, close the tape into a hamburger fold to create a crease at the center of the tape. Press the crease with your thumb and pointer finger, creating an accordion fold and secure it with duct tape. Fold the two ends backwards and secure it with more duct tape.
While you fold the ends of the bows, make sure you have folds that run from the center to the end. Place a bobby pin on the backside of the bow and wear it on! You can also decorate the bow with sequins, gems and other colorful items!


If you have a bunch of brown beautiful feathers, you can use them while making a chic headband. It can perfectly match with a brown dress that will look super stunning. So, here is how you make it.
Along with a bunch of feathers (you have a lot of websites displaying a variety of feathers, you can pick one for yourself), you will need a plastic headband and duct tape. The color of the tape should go with the feathers, you don't want it to look stupid with contrasting colors, right?
Now hold the feathers together, arrange them properly so that they look decent and secure the ends with duct tape. Use duct tape to attach the bunch of feathers on your headband and cover the entire headband with the tape too.
You can pull this accessory over any kind of dress or outfit. You are surely gonna make a style statement donning this feather headband!


You will need a cute printed duct tape or a plain one would do, it's up to you. You could pick cute printed Disney stars (for your little girl) or simple pastel colors to go with your dress. An elastic band, with its ends stitched together, will be needed. Its width should be narrower than that of the duct tape.
Make sure the elastic band easily rolls over your head. Next, unroll the duct tape just enough to cover the elastic band. Place the band on the adhesive part of the duct tape and fold over the long edges.
If you want a more finished look, just go around the entire perimeter of the headband with your sewing machine. The stitches will help the tape keep permanently attached to the band. You could prepare duct tape bows to match the headband.
Well, this was all about making duct tape hair accessories. They are so much fun to wear because wherever you go, everyone will have their eyes on these pretty accessories, trying to figure out what they are made of. So, go gals flaunt it! And do not forget to share this craft idea with your friends!