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Making Your Own Wind Chimes

To make your own wind chimes, you need the right set of tools and supplies. Know how to assemble a dulcet wind chime here.
Sheetal Mandora Apr 14, 2019
Wind chimes have various tones; from sweet tingles to the clang of huge bells. The different shapes, sizes, and materials used to make it play an integral role in producing the melodies. There are different items you can use for the chimes such as seashells, clay pot, pieces of wood, old silverware, aluminum tubes, bells, and so much more.
Making your own wind chimes requires you to work with proper dimensions of the items used, and a step-wise guide.

2 Wind Chime Designs

Follow the instructions as you take a look at the accompanying images for making the wind chimes.

Seashell Wind Chime

● You will need 18 scallop seashells, one 1'' curtain ring, 1 inner hoop (embroidery hoop), 1 small nail, drill, glue, and waxed hemp twine.
● Take the drill and punch small holes in the seashells. Be as gentle as possible so that you don't break them apart.
● Now we will cut 9 different pieces of 24'' hemp twine. Make 3 groups of 3 twines, and secure them in a knot on the inner hoop.
● Keep even space between all the 3 twines, and braid them. This should give you 3 different twine braids, each of which are at least 12" long.

● Go 7'' over the inner hoop and secure all 3 braids into a knot, and braid them all together to make one braid.
● Once you reach the end of the twines, make another knot to secure it, and tie the curtain ring on it.

● Take 6 more pieces of 12'' hemp twine and secure them on the inner hoop. Make sure they are spaced at an even distance.
● Take 3 seashells and insert them in all 6 strings. Depending on the different shapes and sizes of the seashell, place them according to your choice.
● The only thing you need to be sure of is to place the first seashell at least 5'' away from the inner hoop.

● After every seashell is inserted, tie a small knot below and over it so that it won't move from its place.
● Once all the seashells are inserted, take some glue to stick the seashells to the knots underneath them.
● All you need to do now is hang it in your porch or living room from the curtain ring.

Wooden Wind Chime

● First, you will need 1 plastic can lid, 2 yards craft lace, 7 slotted round wooden clothespins, seven ½'' eye screws, pony beads, drill, curtain ring, hammer, nail, scissors, and craft foam.
● First of all, you will drill a hole in the plastic lid.
● Keep the lid over the craft foam and trace it with a pencil.
● Cut the foam with scissors, and use a hammer and nail to punch 7 different holes through the lid and foam.

● Next you will drill holes in the clothespins as well. Make sure they are small holes or else the eye screws won't go all the way through.
● Take the eye screws and insert them in the clothespins. With the craft lace, you will make a 4'' loop at the bottom, and tie a knot to secure it.
● You will insert the loop in the middle hole of the lid, and the non-loop part will stay at the bottom of the lid.
● Tie a knot in the bottom of the lid as well. For all 7 chimes, you will insert the lace in the same manner. For the bottom lace, you will place the pony beads.
● Use colorful beads to make the chime look more attractive. At the end of the lace, secure it over the eye screw that is attached with the clothespins.
● Take a curtain ring, secure the middle lace on it, and hang the chime in your porch or living room.