Stunning Napkin Ring Ideas to Up the Aesthetics of Your Table

Napkin Ring Ideas
Here are a few unique napkin ring ideas that will help you in enhancing the table decorations. Moreover, most of these are easy to make at home as well.
CraftCue Staff
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2018
Decorated dining table
A nicely decorated and properly set table is incomplete without napkins. These are often used to add style to the table decorations. Various creative ways of napkin folding are used to place the napkins on the table. You can add a stylish touch to the table settings by using good napkin rings.
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Choosing the right rings to hold the napkins in place is very important, as they help in improving the overall look of the table. Take a look at the following ideas that you can try yourself.
Organic Materials
Seashells can be used in making a nice napkin ring by stringing them in a decorative thread. Use an elastic thread for this purpose. You can also use medium-sized leaves instead of the seashells. You need to work carefully while stringing the leaves for this purpose.
floral napkin ring
Fresh flowers woven in fancy thick threads can also make lovely napkin rings.
Ribbons and Laces
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Colorful ribbons and laces make for attractive napkin rings. The ribbon color that you use must complement the tablecloth and tableware.
Wedding table setting
To keep it simple yet beautiful, use the ribbons in two colors according to the other table decorations. Avoid using colors that do not match the rest of the items on the table.
Fabric or Paper
Printed silk or cotton fabrics can also be utilized for tying the napkins. Cut the strips of the required length from the fabric, sew the borders to give it a finished look, and tie these on the folded napkins.
Handmade paper or other semi-transparent papers also work well for napkin rings. You can use a decorative semi-transparent paper with glitter work that matches the theme colors for making the rings.
Jewelry and Beads
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Get trendy bracelets, anklets, or tight necklaces, and use them to embellish the napkins.
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Most of these jewelry items have adjustable hooks or elastics which can ensure proper fitting over the folded napkin. Decorative buttons used on outfits can also be used for making pretty napkin rings. Apart from these, try braided or beaded tassels available in a number of colors and types.
napkin rings
Using bangles of varying thickness and colors is another great option.
Apart from these, various decorative items that come with the gift wrappings can be utilized for beautifying the napkins. Choosing the right color combination is the key to make the table look great. Add these lovely rings to the napkins and make the table look amazing.