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Beautiful Orchid Flower Arrangements

Rutuja Jathar Oct 12, 2018
Orchid flower arrangements are a great idea to enchant anyone. Read the following information to get to know about some easy arrangements that you can try out.
Flower arrangements are an irreplaceable part of the decoration that is carried out on various occasions. And when it comes to orchid flowers, the charm only increases. These are one of the most exotic and delicate type of flowers that are available in a huge variety.
There are more than 25,000 species of this omnipresent plant. Captivating fragrance of these flowers makes it impossible to remain unnoticed. Amongst these orchids, many are cultivated and popularly utilized for interior decorating. They are significant for wedding and table decorations.

Simple Arrangement

If decided, you can use orchid flowers as an integral part of any sort of decoration. They not only enhance the beauty and elegance, but also add their unique and mesmerizing fragrance to the decoration.
You can make various arrangements with these flowers depending on your taste. You just need to decide which one is your muse and use that type of orchids in your arrangements.
For instance, some people like the 'whole and sole' orchid flower decoration, while some prefer orchid plants, leaves, and/or plant fibers to bring out that magic of contrasting colors. Decide whether you want to combine orchids with several other types of flowers or use them with no add-ons and act accordingly.
Material Required
  • Fresh orchid flowers
  • Wood branches
  • Potting soil
  • Flower vase
  • Flower scissors
  • Plant tape
  • You need to find out an attractive vase which will enhance the beauty of your orchids. Also, find out the best place to keep your arrangements so that they can be the focal point.
  • You can either buy the orchid potting soil or prepare it at home. For that, all you need to do is mix the ground barks, ground tree fern stems, and a few osmund fibers and fill it into the vase.
  • Now, use a good pair of flower shears and clip the stem about 10 inches below the blossom. Always cut the stem at an angle and avoid tearing it.
  • Place these stems into the vase which you have previously filled with the potting soil. You can also place them in a water-filled vase. Avoid total covering of the stems with the water or soil.
  • Now, include several wood branches, 1-2 matching silk laces, and other decorative elements into the vase. Secure this arrangement with a good plant tape. These orchid arrangements can look fresh for about a week.

Orchid Arrangements for Weddings

Orchids are most popular wedding flowers. They mean wealth, beauty, and social status as they are expensive. Good for weddings in any season, but perfect for summer weddings.
These flowers can easily bear heat, minimum watering, and rough handling. There are various types of orchids that are very popular for wedding decorations, for instance, the cymbidium orchid. These are large-headed orchids which are available in yellow, white, pink, and pale green colors. These are excellent flowers for wedding centerpieces.
Another type is the dendrobium orchid which are also known as Singapore Child. These flowers are available in purple, white, and blue and they are pretty handy for making wedding garlands and centerpieces.
Phalaenopsis orchid is one type that is a favorite choice of the brides-to-be, the florists, when it comes to bridal flowers. These lowers are expensive, and they are often combined with other delicate flowers, like lilies and roses, to make beautiful wedding bouquets. They are not used as cut flowers.
You can also think about outdoor arrangements. An arch decorated with chic white silk combined with white orchids can be an admirable flower arrangement.
Make sure that the flower arrangements that you make are not too tacky, as it can overwhelm the elegance of these exotic flowers. Try to keep it as simple and sober as possible with the least amounts of lace coiffing and loud color contrasts. Always remember that orchids are exclusive and expensive flowers and you need to utilize them to perfection.