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Tips to Make a Flawless Origami Bird Base

Shashank Nakate Nov 18, 2018
Information regarding the creation of origami bird base is provided here.
The art of origami is used in making different types of paper designs. This 17th century art of paper folding has evolved a lot and its modern form incorporates various paper sculpting and folding techniques.
Origami can be simply defined as the art of transforming flat paper by means of folding techniques to create a 'paper sculpture'.

Origami Bird Base Instructions

There are certain standard folding patterns being used in the art of origami to create complex shapes. Bird base is one such form of paper craft. The other examples of such folds include the frog base and preliminary base.
Bird base is used to prepare many different bird shapes/designs by the use of origami techniques. The origami folding instructions presented here, should provide with the necessary information to create a bird base.
The procedure of making a bird base involves two steps i.e., to create a square base followed by making 2 petal folds. Information about these steps is provided with help of points mentioned here.

Square Base

The following points/instructions should be used to make a square base. The square is also referred to as the preliminary base.
  • One would require a square-shaped paper to create a square base. Colored side of the paper should face upwards.
  • The square-shaped paper need to be folded vertically, horizontally as well as diagonally. The vertical and horizontal folds should be the mountain folds. The diagonal folds need to be that of 'valley' form.
  • The paper collapses along the crease lines, if it is folded properly. The structure formed as a result of this types of folding is known as square base.
  • The square base can be used in making the bird base.

How to Make a Bird Base

Instructions provided here should prove to be helpful in the process of making an origami bird base.
  • Square base made with the help of mentioned instructions need to be used for the creation of a bird base. The square base has an upper and lower square.
  • First step in the process of making a bird base is folding corners of the upper square inwards. The borders should be aligned adjacent to each other in a manner that a vertical crease is formed between them. The triangular shaped piece of paper present at the top should be folded downwards. It should be folded only to an extent which the creases permit.
  • The paper should then be unfolded at all the creases. Corner of the paper should be lifted upwards; the paper need to be folded along the creases; it forms a rhomboid-shaped paper. The fold which is formed as a result of this act is known as petal fold.
  • The mentioned steps need to be repeated with the lower square as well. The process of making bird base ends with the creation of rhomboid shapes mentioned.

Tips for Making a Bird Base

To create a good bird base shape, borders of the square should be perfectly aligned with each other. Top and bottom portions of the square base need to be aligned properly with each other. It is necessary to practice the folding techniques so as to create a flawless pattern.
Creating a petal fold requires us to reverse the folds made in the previous step. Therefore, one should especially be careful in executing this step. Read more on origami instructions for kids.
The instructions presented here, teach us how to fold an origami bird base. There are many interesting paper folding patterns that are made with origami techniques. The bird base pattern is one such pattern out of many complex ones.