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Easy Instructions for Perfectly Folding Origami Lotus Flower

Origami Lotus Flower Folding Instructions
Nothing is as satisfying as creating crafts out of paper and the best paper craft is undoubtedly origami. Origami lotus is one of the easiest flowers to create.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Paper crafts are a very satisfying hobby and are a good way to constructively and creatively pass time. Origami is the art of folding different types of paper to make varieties of objects which originated in Japan. It is a very popular hobby and recent research has shown that origami is very helpful for children with learning disabilities as it improves their multiple cognitive skills. It is also used as a means of therapy for people with under stress or suffering from depression. There are many different objects that you can make with origami, and here we will discuss how to make an origami lotus.
Origami Lotus Instructions
Here are the step by step instructions for making origami lotus. For this, you will need a 6 inch square piece of origami paper that can be purchased from any art store. You can get any colored piece of origami paper, plain or patterned according to your choice. Now place the origami paper on the work table, with its colored side facing toward you. Fold the paper diagonally, and mark the crease. Unfold the paper and fold along the other diagonal and mark the crease again. When you unfold the paper you will get a crossed crease on the paper. Fold the paper again vertically and horizontally and unfold to get the pattern.
Now fold one corner of the paper so that the edge of the corner comes to the mid point of the paper. Repeat folding in this way on all the other three corners, so that you have a smaller square. Again fold one corner and bring the edge to the center point. Repeat the same steps on the other three corners and you will get another smaller square. Fold the corners of the new square on the center point again and then flip it over. After you are done flipping the square, again fold the outer corners to the center.
Carefully place your fingers behind one corner and start pulling out the flap towards the front. Be gentle while doing this or the paper might tear. Repeat the same procedure on all the other three corners by pulling the flap towards the front and bending it so that it looks like a petal. Now unfold the remaining four corners towards the front and your origami lotus is ready. Now that you know how to fold an origami paper flower, you might like to complete the look by making the lotus leaves.
To make the leaves of this beautiful origami lotus, you will need a large piece of square origami paper in green color. Fold the paper into half vertically and then fold it again horizontally. You will get a smaller square piece of paper which you need to fold diagonally. This will give you a folded triangular piece of paper. Now with the help of a marker, mark a semicircular area on the triangle. Cut the shape out with a pair of sharp scissors and unfold the leaf. You will get a beautiful four leaf pattern which is just right for the origami lotus flower. Now apply a bit of glue on the center of the leaf and attach the origami lotus on it.
You can place the origami lotus on a low coffee table over a medium-sized glass bowl for decorating your living room. For a more authentic look, stuff the glass bowl with a confetti of shredded blue colored paper so that the origami lotus looks as it is floating in water.