Simple Illustrated Instructions to Make a Splendid Origami Swan

Origami Swan Instructions
A swan is said to be symbolic of eternal love which is why, origami swans make an appearance as decorations at weddings and anniversaries. Origami swans are amongst the most popular forms of folded paper art. Learn how to make an origami swan with these steps.
The ever graceful and pure swan, is symbolic of eternal love which is why, you are sure to find them as center pieces at weddings and anniversary parties. A swan is also symbolic of the passage of life and hence becomes an important feature at graduation ceremonies and other such life passages.

Coming back to our origami swans, they are popular amongst many because they are relatively easy to make. The traditional origami swan for instance, is made from a single sheet of elegantly folded paper. You can start by experimenting with small sheets of paper before, you master the art and make a 3-D swan.

You can start by using plain white paper to make your swan. However, it is not a compulsion to use plain sheets of paper to create this graceful bird. You can add dimension and color to your swan by using just about any kind of paper you get in hand. Let's get started then, grab your papers and begin...

Step:1 Take a square piece of paper

Step:2 Valley fold along the diagonal line

Step:3 You will get a triangle like this

Step:4 Open it to find the center line

Step:5 Bring the edges towards the center as directed

Step:6 Like this

Step:7 You now have a kite base

Step:8 Turn it over to reveal the plain side

Step:9 Bring the edges inside as directed

Step:10 Turn it over again

Step:11 Fold outwards as directed

Step:12 You will see flaps like this

Step:13 Fold the pointed end backwards

Step:14 Crease the fold to make it stay

Step:15 Hold the tip down firmly

Step:16 Fold the pointed tip forward

Step:17 Press down to get a neat crease

Step:18 Fold the paper lengthwise as shown

Step:19 It will look like this

Step:20 Press down firmly and pull gently as directed

Step:21 Almost there

Step:22 Pull the flaps as directed

Step:23 Your beautiful swan is ready

Step:24 Go ahead try out some more

Remember, do not use a creased paper to try out origami. Always begin with a fresh piece of paper, if you want your craft to look neat.

Don't be disheartened if you do not get it right in the first attempt. Keep trying till your mission is accomplished. Make as many swans as you possibly can to decorate your home.