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Instructions to Make Beautiful Paper Flowers

Rimlee Bhuyan Nov 3, 2018
Any craft made out of paper looks very elegant and beautiful, and the same is the case with paper flowers. There are many different techniques for making paper flowers, get to know a few in this information.
Paper flowers are a great and creative craft idea that you can make during long summer afternoons. There are different types of paper flowers that you can make, from the most basic to the more elaborate.
They can be used to decorate your home, and unlike real flowers, they are not going to wilt. If you have young children, teaching them this craft is a great way for them to utilize their time and also learn something satisfying.
Once you have mastered the basic paper flower, there are a variety of different flowers that you can make, like rose, lily, marigold, and sunflower.

Easy Paper Flower

One of the easiest and most elegant of all paper flowers is the rose, and we will give you step-by-step instructions to make one.
The first step is to take a piece of cardboard and draw a pattern of a petal on it. With the help of a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the pattern. This is the template for the petal that we are going to use.
Now place this petal template over a colored crepe paper and cut out the paper in the shape of the petal. Now repeat this step and cut out around 14 petals using the template. Take a toothpick or any long and narrow stick and wrap the edge of one petal around it.
Remove the toothpick and you will find that the edge of the petal has curled a bit inwards. Curl the other edge as well as the bottom edge of the petal using the same technique. After you are done, you will be left with three inward curled edges.
Repeat the same procedure on all the other petals of the crepe paper. Now place two pieces of tissue paper on a flat surface ensuring that the edges of the tissue paper fit over each other. Fold the tissue papers so that they are about 2 cm in width.
Cut the paper into 2 cm length and then open out the long strip. Curl the tissue paper along a floral wire and glue the ends together. Take one of the crepe paper petals that you have created, and hold it in your hand so that the curled portion is facing downwards.
Apply a strong glue in the middle of the petal and press the floral wire on it. Wrap the petal along the right edge over the floral wire and secure it with a bit of glue. Now wrap the left side over the right end and wrap it around the petal.
Repeat the same procedure with the other petals until you have attached all the fourteen petals. As you are attaching the petals, bend the petals of the rose backwards so that it looks natural. Your paper rose is ready. You can create more roses and arrange them in a vase.
Origami flowers are a lot easier to make as they do not involve any pattern cutting and gluing. It is a very simple process of folding paper, and all you need to do is to follow the instructions precisely.
You can make many variations of this basic paper flower and also experiment with different flower types.