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Paper Flower Patterns to Embellish Your Home Stylishly

Aparna Jadhav Sep 30, 2018
Paper flowers make very beautiful craft ideas, as they are easy to make and attractive to look at. Read on for some lovely patterns which you can use to make beautiful flowers.
Paper flowers were first made in ancient Chinese culture as a representative for the natural flowers, which served as religious offerings. They are delicate reflections of nature depicting the triumph of good over evil.
As there is versatility in the species of flowers regarding their shapes and colors, flowers made from paper also have a huge variety. They not only look original and beautiful, but also graceful.
Paper flowers are made by origami, as well as by cutting and pasting papers. You can use any kinds of paper to make various flower patterns irrespective of the texture.

How to Make Paper Flowers

Making flowers is the easiest paper craft exercise you can teach kids in school or at home. The designs range from a wide variety, so you can have many choices for the type of flowers. Take a look at how to make simple white flowers in a few set of descriptive steps.
  • Any type of white paper
  • Floral wire
  • Green floral tape of any shade of green
  • Scissors
  • Paper adhesive
  • Cut the paper into 3'' circles. Make at least two dozen circles. Fold the circle into half, and keep folding it into quarters till the circle is made into a tiny triangle. Press all the creases tightly to make sure they are sharp and visible.
  • Now, with your disc-shaped triangle folded tightly, use scissors to trim the base of it into a semicircular shape. Once cut, it looks like a cone with a concave base. Unfold the disc and lay it flat on the table.
  • Now, with a small craft knife, cut out two of these cones from the center point to keep a flap on one of them. Glue the two edges together and dry it well. Once it has dried, it looks like a flower with six coned petals joined from the center. Bend the tips of the petals by pinching them in the center, and give them a uniform look.
  • For the stems of the flowers, use the floral wire to the length of your choice and cover it neatly with the green floral tape. Bend one end of the wire into a loop, and push it through the centers of the flowers. Tighten the loop well inside the flowers to hold them in place. Your simple white paper flowers are ready to be presented in a glass vase.
As crepe paper is a good option for making flowers, you can use patterns for crepe flowers as an alternative to make these simple flowers. Another great option to make beautiful paper flowers is to use origami designs.
Paper flower patterns are many as has already been mentioned, so you can come up with some of your own unique designs and styles to make flowers from absolutely any type of paper.
With these simple paper flower instructions, teach your kids how to make them. You can decorate your home by making these flowers and giving your rooms an elegant look. Flowers make any place look pleasant, so use these simple tips to give your home just the beauty that it needs.