Fabulously Easy Paper Folding Crafts for Origami Enthusiasts

Paper Folding Crafts
Come summer, and one of the favorite pastimes for children is making paper crafts. From paper planes, to paper boats, paper folding craft has always been on the priority list. Here's what you can make folding paper...
Who said paper can be lifeless? If folded in the right technique even paper can bring itself to life. You do not have to be an expert to get it right however, practice is sure to get you its benefits. The number of craft items you can make using just a few pieces of paper will leave you baffled. Here, we have used two different types of paper to present you with unique paper folding techniques.

Making a Tissue Flower

All you need is a tissue roll and strips of easily bendable wire to make these pretty flowers. You can make a two-tone flower using two different colored tissue rolls. Follow the instructions to make some of these...

1. Take 4-5 parts of tissue roll

2. Alternate fold to make an accordion

3. Twist a wire around the center

4. Bring the ends together like a fan

5. Gently separate the two layers

6. Almost there...

7. Hold it in the cusp of your palm

8. Your flower is ready

Making a Heart Bookmark

Those who have an undying passion for reading are sure to want more of these helpful pieces of paper. Using the simple technique of origami, you can create a bookmark in a matter of minutes.

1. A rectangular piece of paper

2. Fold on the diagonal line

3. Fold the rectangular strip inside

4. Cut the thin rectangular strip

5. You will have a square paper

6. Fold to get the central crease

7. Your paper should have these creases

8. Fold the top inside

9. Repeat it on the other side

10. All the creases are in place

11. Fold to make a triangle

12. Fold the base outside

13. Fold the flaps inside

14. Repeat on the other side

15. Hold it up and fold the center inside

16. Repeat on the other side

17. Fold the top corner inside as shown

18. Repeat on the other half

19. That's your heart-shaped bookmark

The Easy Crafts

BoatFortune TellerHat

Other Paper Crafts


You can also make colorful fans, paper stars, festoons and other decoration items using colored paper. Master the easier craft items before you go in for the more intricate patterns of origami. Make optimum use of your free time by trying out new craft items, that will surely unleash your creative genius.
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