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3 Notable and Unique Paper Mache Craft Ideas for Kids

Aarti R Apr 19, 2019
Paper mache can be used for a variety of craft purposes. It can be prepared using some simple items which are available in most homes. Here are some cool paper mache craft ideas for kids which are fun and easy to make.
Paper mache is made from paper pulp or paper and glue. This art is also known by the similar sounding French word papier-mâché which means chewed up paper. Crafts that involve modeling of structures use paper pulp.
Otherwise, for a layered structure you can also use paper and glue. This craft can be used to make amazing and beautiful objects like, wall decorations, wall hangings, piñatas, bowls, and masks.

How to Make Paper Mache

First, let us take a look at some of the methods that are used to make the paper mache. One way is to take 1:3 water and white glue and mix it together. This will act as glue for your crafts. In the second method, you need to use flour.
For this, you need to cook equal amounts of flour and water together. This method of making the glue is inexpensive and used for bigger projects. Once the glue is prepared, then cut newspapers in long strips and put them in the glue. Now let's look at some interesting paper mache craft ideas for kids.


Pinatas are popular craft ideas made from paper mache. These pinatas are hollow containers that are filled with small gifts and sweets in parties. You can fill the pinatas with all kinds of small goodies.
You will require a balloon for this process. Use the balloon as the base and add two layers of paper mache on the balloon. When you apply one layer, let it dry first and then apply the next one. After drying the paper mache, pop out the balloon and once the pinata is dried, you can paint it to make it colorful. Lastly, fill it up with goodies that you like.

Paper Mache Masks

For making paper mache masks, you will need cardboard and colors. Make an outline of the mask on the cardboard. Cut the parts of the cardboard to make openings for the eyes. Cover the mask with paper mache.
Remember not to cover the holes that you have made for the eyes of the mask. Apply two layers but remember not to apply the second layer until the first one is dried. Once the whole mask is dried, the mask should be painted. After the painting is done, strings are attached to the mask so that you can wear it.

Dinosaur Eggs

Put a small plastic dinosaur inside a balloon, then blow it full. Now, cover the balloon with two layers of paper mache, with the second layer added only after the first one has dried.
After the paper is completely dried, pop and remove the balloon carefully from the egg. Now, paint this egg or color it with marker pens. When the children will hatch the egg they will find their own baby dinosaur inside.
These were some interesting paper mache craft ideas for kids. Some other craft ideas that can be implemented using paper mache include flower vases, animals, flowers and shields. Enjoy making different objects with paper mache with kids. Have fun!