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6 Impeccably Creative Paper Mache Projects and Recipes

Gayatri Haldankar Sep 24, 2018
Read this write-up to learn some interesting projects and recipes regarding paper mache.
You can make almost anything using a paper mache right from a doll, box, and sculptures, to a mask or a puppet head. Making different things from paper mache is an art, and requires nothing but imagination and creativity.
Paper mache can also be made using different recipes, which are quite simple and easy. They are made out of the items that are easily available at your home.

Recipe 1

Materials required: One cup water, one-fourth cup flour, five cups boiled water, newspaper strips
Preparation: Pour one cup of the water in a pan, and add the flour to it. Mix it until the mixture is thin. Add boiled water to the mixture, and place it on a low flame. Stir and allow it to boil for about 3 minutes. Cool the mixture, and dip the newspaper strips in it. Your paper mache is ready to paste.

Recipe 2

Materials required: One cup flour, four cups water, newspaper
Preparation: Place one cup of flour in a pan, and add one cup of water to it. Stir the mixture, and keep on adding the remaining water, until all the lumps are gone. Boil this mixture for sometime, and allow it to cool. Now, you can dip the newspaper strips in it.

Recipe 3

Materials required: One cup flour, five cups water, one tablespoon salt, newspaper
Preparation: Add one cup of the flour to five cups of the water in a pan. Boil the mixture, and simmer it for 3 minutes. Add one tablespoon of salt to the mixture, and let it cool down. Dip the newspaper strips in the mixture.

Recipe 4

Materials required: Half cup flour, two cups cold water, two cups boiled water, three tablespoons sugar, newspaper
Preparation: Add half cup of flour to two cups of cold water. Mix it well, and add two cups of boiled water to it. Boil the mixture for some time, and remove it from heat. Add 3 tablespoons of sugar, and mix it well. Allow the mixture to cool and thicken. Dip the newspaper strips in it.

Recipe 5

Materials required: One cup flour, four cups water, one tablespoon salt, newspaper
Preparation: Soak the newspaper strips into hot water for few hours. Tear and stir with a spoon until it reduces to a pulp. Drain the excess water. Make a mixture of flour, water, and salt. Add the paper pulp to the mixture, and stir it until the resulted paper mache feels like clay.

Recipe 6

Materials required: One cup wallpaper paste, three cups water, newspaper
Preparation: Mix one cup of wallpaper paste to three cups of water. Stir the mixture, until a paste is formed. Dip the newspaper strip in it one at a time, and paste it on your prepared paper mache art.

Various Projects

You can prepare your own paper mache projects by using household items. For preparing a box or any other flat-shaped item, you can use some cardboard pieces. Cut newspapers into larger strips, as they work best for flat shapes. Paste these strips on the cardboard pieces, give them a desired shape, and allow them to dry.
You can use balloons or milk jugs to prepare paper mache masks. Blow up a balloon, and paste any of the given recipe products on it. Allow it to dry for a day or two, and apply another layer on it. Mold the nose, ears, and lips as desired, and allow it to dry for another day. Your paper mache mask is ready to use.
You can even prepare a bowl using paper mache. Take a suitable mold. Cover it with a layer of Vaseline so that the prepared artwork doesn't stick to it. Now, cover the entire surface of the mold with any of the described recipe products.
Allow it to dry for a day. Apply one layer of paper mache everyday until a thick layer is formed. Now, gently remove the paper mache art from the mold by using a spoon or knife. If you want, you can decorate the bowl. You can also make this project by using light wires. Give the wire a desired shape, and cover it with paper mache.