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Exquisite Paper Mache Wall Art Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Paper Mache Wall Art
Do you want to use your knowledge of paper mache to create some fun and beautiful artifacts? Well, if yes then we give you some ideas for paper mache wall art projects.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
A fun, creative way to create objets d'art that your guests are sure to admire is to indulge in some paper mache art. From ashtrays and pen holders to more detailed, exquisite wall artifacts, with proficiency in the craft work, you can create a whole plethora of art work. If you are looking for some new decorative pieces to hang on your walls, then it may be a good idea to pick the options from this article.
Wall Art with Paper Mache
Creating different artifacts with the help of paper mache is something that can be not only fun but also a way of indulging our creative side. In order to make objects with paper mache all you need is old newspaper, requisite molds (in the shape of balloons, balls, and the like), paints, and paper mache glue. There are many different paper mache recipes that you can use to make paper mache glue. Given below are some wall hanging artifacts that you can create using paper mache.
Puppetry may be a dying art form but puppets still continue to fascinate and enamor us. If you have a bohemian decor with a variety of artifacts from different places, then this could be the perfect addition to your house. Use paper mache to create puppets of different kinds. Creating human figures from paper can be a slightly messy and difficult process but if done properly and painted well, then this could be a great way to decorate the walls. You can choose to make copies of the same puppets in different sizes and hang them together or choose to make a male and female puppet that can be then hung together.
Astronomical Elements
Ever since childhood, I have been hugely fascinated by astronomical signs and if you share this fascination, then you can choose to create paper mache art that resembles various astronomical figures. Choose to create a sun, moon, and a cluster of stars and then hang them together. You could also choose to create a combined sun and moon image which is very popular as an artistic symbol. Shooting starts, a cluster of stars against a navy blue background can all be great decorative pieces for your house.
While it may not seem like a very feasible option to create paper mache animals but if you have every played pinata, then you know that it is not as difficult as it seems. For wall hangings you do not need to create a three dimensional animal and you can choose to create only the frontal portion of your favorite animals and create a tiny space on your wall to display them. Choose your favorite pet animals or pick wild animals and then create a wild display nook for your artifacts.
Colorful carnival masks or masquerade party masks can be make for wonderful wall hangings. If you like the idea of creating a carnival like space in your room, then you could probably make masks in different sizes and shapes and hang them up together on your walls. You could also choose to hang up carnival masks in different areas in your house and use them as a recurring theme that binds the design element of the house. Carnival masks made from paper mache can be exactly what you need to bring color into an otherwise dull room.
These are some of the many options and ideas that you can use in order to create paper mache wall art that you can use to decorate your house. Once you are more proficient with creating decorative items with paper mache, you can choose to probably start it off as a part-time career or use your talent at paper mache to create personalized gifts for friends and family. Indulge in a do-it-yourself project and see how much fun you can have with recycled newspaper and some paints.
Venetian jester mask