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Prolific Photo Collage Ideas

Aastha Dogra Sep 30, 2018
Are you planning to make a collage for your room? Read on for some easy and creative ideas that you will surely find handy.
If you are planning to decorate your room, give it a personal touch using a photo collage. It is not only a good way to personalize your space, but a creatively made collage can attract the attention of the visitors to your room and win you lots of praises and appreciation as well.
Besides being a room decor, it can also be given as a gift to people close to you, such as your close friends and family. Here are some creative ideas, which anybody can use, to do up their room wall or to give as gift to someone special.


The most important thing to decide before starting on a collage is the central theme around which the collage will be based.
For a kid's room or for his school project, use themes such as birthday party, a vacation, my family, my best friend, me and my pet, and sports are excellent ideas.
For a particular person like a boyfriend, use themes such as the first anniversary, Valentine's day or a collage that depicts the entire relationship right from the start.


Once you have decided upon the theme, the next step is to have a layout of the design that you want. When making collages, remember, anything that looks good can be stuck on them. One of the most interesting ideas is to decorate the collage with different colored papers and glitter.
Stick things such as movie tickets or napkins or anything that is relevant to your theme. For example, when making a collage for your boyfriend, you can stick a love letter or a flower which he gave you. For kids, it can be a ticket to a game that they love.
Writing quotes and phrases that revolve around the theme, or sticking certain newspaper headlines and magazine clippings on the collage, are some of other ideas that you can utilize.

Assemble and Decorate

The things that you will typically need to assemble and decorate it are photos, scissors, glue, magazines, newspapers, construction paper, glitter, stickers, poster board, picture frame and other decorative stationery that you wish to include in the collage.
Once you have the required materials, start with pasting the photos. Save the best ones for the corners as well as the center, as they are more likely to draw attention than the rest. Once you are done pasting the pictures, fill the gaps between them with the magazine clippings, glitter, colored paper, etc.
You may paste the quotes and phrases at the top or in the middle of the collage. The last thing that you have to do is to place the collage in the picture frame, and then put it on the room of the wall, facing the door, so that it is the first thing that anybody notices on entering your room.
Making collages is not only a fun craft activity, but can be a very satisfying experience too. By looking at the photographs on the collage, we are transported back to our special memories and moments of life. So, follow these ideas, use a bit of your creativity, and get going on your project.