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How to Make a Purse Organizer

A purse organizer helps you find items in a cluttered handbag, and saves time spent rummaging through it. Read on for the instructions on how to make the same.
Rimlee Bhuyan Apr 17, 2019
Remember when you had to spend precious time looking through your purse for your keys? ...and you couldn't find it quickly? Well, most of us carry a lot of items in the purse like makeup, mobile, coins, stationery, keys and many other things making it cluttered. Purse organizer is the best way to resolve this problem!
A purse organizer is kept inside your purse and contains compartments to store your belongings. This makes it handy to store essential items in it. You can make your own organizer if you have a design in mind; they are also available in the market.

Six-Compartment Purse Organizer

There are different types of organizers that do not require advanced sewing techniques to make them. These purses are small and compact, and fit easily inside a handbag. Given here is a simple and easy pattern to make.
Things Required
  • Cotton fabric (patterned or plain)
  • Scissors
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle

✜To make this, first, cut the fabric into two equal pieces, measuring 11″ x 4 ½″, with a ½'' margin for the seam. Cut the fusible interfacing with the same measurements.
✜ Place one fabric piece on a work table, with the patterned side facing upwards. Place the other piece over this, with the interfacing side, up.
✜ Now, mark a 2-inch seam allowance around the perimeter of the fabric and sew it on three sides, leaving one side open.

✜ Once you are done with this step, turn the sewn fabric inside out. It should resemble a pocket. Sew the top of the fabric's edge by folding it by ⅛ of an inch.
✜ Next, fold the bottom of the fabric 1½ inches towards the top, and sew it. Place a credit card in it and mark its width; sew this section.

✜ Place other necessary items like cellphones, makeup items, or other little things, on the fabric, and mark the width of these items, too.
✜ Sew these sections vertically along the marked points. You can make 6 compartments out of this fabric. You can fold the compartments and place the organizer inside your purse.
The organizer can be customized depending upon the size and shape of the purse. The best material to use is cotton, as silk or other synthetic materials are not stiff enough. For a big tote, make an 8-10 compartment organizer. Making it compact will ease changing of purses, saving lot of time.