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Quick and Easy Ways to Make Decorative Ribbon Flowers for Your Gift

Rutuja Jathar Sep 23, 2018
You can make a lot of wonderful decorations out of just a small piece of ribbon. One such decoration is the ribbon flower. When mixed with a bit of feminine creativity, they look extremely beautiful.
Flowers are one of the best creations of nature; the closer we get to them, the more they fascinate us. Ribbon flowers, paper flowers, and silk flowers are crafty ways to mimic this beautiful creation of nature.
These artificial creations look just as marvelous, wonderful, and delicate as natural flowers.
These are very easy to make, and look catchy in flower arrangements as a centerpiece in the living room, on the dining table, or when placed on a gift wrap. These crafts help you to think innovatively as well as creatively. They also help relieve boredom when you have ample amounts of free time.
Here are some easy instructions on ways to make ribbon flowers that will definitely prove helpful the next time you try to make artificial blooms on your own.

Ribbon Flower1

  • Ribbon, approximately 12 inches long
  • Threaded needle
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun
  • Button (matching to the color of the ribbon)
1. Hold the ribbon vertically and start weaving a running stitch from the corner of either end of the ribbon. Continue weaving till the end of the ribbon.
2. When you are done with the weaving, just pull the threaded needle to gather the ribbon together. Keep ample thread on both the ends of the ribbon to tie a knot, and then cut the thread.
3. Now, bring both ends of the ribbon very close by gathering them as stiff as possible. Tie a knot to fix both the ends of the string together.
4. Stick both the ends of the ribbon with the help of glue. Let the glue dry totally, and then flatten the ribbon until it takes the shape of a flower.
5. Fix the button in the exact center of the flower. If the button is not big enough, try putting a metal plate below it, and then fix the button with the help of glue.

Ribbon Flower2

  • 3 feet ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun
1. Fold the ribbon in the middle to form a perfect right angle.
2. Take the bottom end of the ribbon and overlap the top fold, while maintaining the original right angle.
3. Now continue with the same process until you come to the end of the ribbon. When you are finished with the overlapping, the ribbon should look like a perfect square.
4. Take both the ends of the ribbon delicately in one of your hands. Now, hold it tightly and pull down one end of the ribbon. You should be able to see a flower forming while doing this.
5. Very gently, tie a knot to secure the shape of the flower. For further precaution, you can also stitch the knot.
6. Cut the loose ends, but try not to cut the knot.
7. The easy ribbon flower is ready and can be fixed on a gift wrap.

Ribbon Rose

  • Wired ribbon, 12 inches long
  • Wired stick (reused from any old ribbon flower)
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun
1. Gather the ribbon at the center of the wires from both the sides.
2. Take the floral stick, place it in the center of the ribbon, and start wrapping it around any of the ends.
3. Keep on wrapping the ribbon around the floral stick till the actual shape of the rose is formed.
4. When you are totally done with the wrapping, take the additional wire and wrap it around the ribbon.
5. At the end, cut down the extra ribbon and the exposed wire.
6. Stick the end of the entire rose with the help of a glue gun. This helps the flower from unscrambling.
7. When you are finally done with the gluing and trimming, adjust the shape of the rose the way you want it to be.

Ribbon Rose Bud

  • A lit candle to collect wax. This wax comes in handy to fix the ends of the ribbon from fraying.
  • 6-inch piece of a ribbon (⅞ inch wide)
  • Threaded needle with a thread matching the color of the ribbon.
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
Method (For the Bud):
1. Start weaving a running stitch along one end of the ribbon. Keep at least 3 inches of thread in spare to tie a knot.
2. Repeat the procedure at the other end of the ribbon too.
3. Tie a knot to both ends of the thread. This will serve as the base for the rose bud.
4. Repeat the threading procedure at the other end of the ribbon too. This will serve as the top of the rose bud.
5. Tuck the corners of this rose bud towards the center in a rolling motion. This is necessary for the ends not to stick together.
6. Add some stitches along the base of the flower at the end of the ribbon. This stitch line will stop the flower from unraveling.
Method (For the Stem):
1. Take two 8-inch pieces of a green ribbon.
2. Take one piece and thread it completely near the base of the rose. Pull the ribbon halfway through.
3. Repeat the process with the other green ribbon too, just send it through the rose in the exact opposite direction of that of the other green piece.
4. Take all the ribbon ends and tie a knot at the exact middle of the rose. There will be two knots of four ends of the green ribbon.
5. Leave a single ribbon to serve as stem, and cut off the other three ends.
6. The rose bud is ready!
You can also use ribbon that comes with dew marks, as it makes the flowers look fresh and more natural. Decoration with these homemade artificial ribbon flowers will make any gift look really special. So, go on and make some flowers on your own!