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Ultimate Ideas for School Recycling Projects

Shashank Nakate Nov 22, 2018
The school recycling projects need to be simple so that kids enjoy doing them. Most importantly, these projects should also help kids develop environmental concerns.
Natural resources of earth are scarce which make it necessary to reuse and recycle them. Nowadays, we read a lot about saving petrol, conserving the green cover, etc. It is therefore, necessary to take some concrete steps to preserve natural resources.
The activity of recycling materials like plastic, paper, glass, etc. should slow down the rate of consumption of resources. School children must be taught how important it is to recycle these materials.
Working on recycling projects allows children to understand the environmental problems in a direct way. Moreover, they can contribute in a positive way through these projects.

Recycling Projects for School Kids

There are many projects that children can take up in order to understand the importance of recycling. Here are a few examples that can be used for elementary and high school recycling projects.

Greeting Card Project

Nowadays, we have greeting cards for almost every occasion. These cards are reduced to mere pieces of paper after that special event or day is over. However, you can think of putting them to good use by making craft items.
Greeting cards have beautiful designs and patterns imprinted on them.
These designs can be cut with scissors and used for decoration work. You can decorate many household items with these shapes.
The activity of making greeting cards interests children and they can enjoy it during their classroom sessions.

Recycling Projects Using Cans and Bottles

Plastic cans and bottles have the ideal shape and size to be converted into pen-holders. Such items are generally trashed after their use.
The cans and bottles can be converted into utility items. You just need to decorate them a bit to enhance their appearance. Water-based paints, colored papers and other such materials are ideal for decoration. Glue the colored paper to the outer surface of these plastic cans. You can also consider the option of choosing white paper and coloring it.

Glass Jar Projects

Making animals jars is a fun activity for kids. In this recycling project, lids of glass jars are decorated to make them appear like animal faces. Elephant, tiger and lion faces are preferred by kids.
The entire outer surface of the lid should be covered with a colored paper. For example, gray colored paper should be chosen to make the shape of elephant. Choose other appropriate colors to create faces of other animals.

Paper and Plastic Bag Projects

There are many different projects that one can make with plastic paper bags. Here are few paper and plastic recycling crafts for kids.

Dog Bed

A nice and cozy bed for your dog can be made from recycling plastic bags. Apart from plastic bags, you would also require a pillow case, needle and thread for sewing.
The pillow case should be stuffed with plastic bags. You may fill as many bags as possible in the pillow case. It makes the dog bed fluffy. Needle and thread are required to sew the opening of pillow case. Try to sew this stuffed bag as neatly as possible.

Decorating Paper Bags

It is not always necessary to recycle a particular item and recreate one that is completely new. Decoration of paper bags as a craft project is one such activity. Just decorate the old paper bags and give them a completely new look.

Styrofoam Glass and Cups

Waste generated in the form of Styrofoam cups and glasses can be recycled to produce flower shapes. To create a flower shape out of Styrofoam cups, their edges (lips) need to be shaped with scissors in a scalloped pattern.
The next step is to cut straight lines from lips to the base of cups. Cutting the cup in this pattern creates petals of the flower. Base of the cup should be painted to resemble the receptacle (middle part of flower).

Recycling the Compact Discs

CDs can be used to make decorative items like candle stands, window hangings, etc. The candle stands made from CDs really look good. Light reflected from the surface of CDs enhances their appearance even more. A wall hanging can be made by running a string through holes of CDs.
The ideas for school recycling projects mentioned should motivate children to work towards environmental conservation. Teachers can also ask students to use their own creative ideas for recycling projects. Finally, children should enjoy these activities and also learn something from them.