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Scrapbook Paper Piecing

Shashank Nakate Nov 20, 2018
Crafts made for a scrapbook by paper piecing are a nice way to decorate and style it with different patterns and designs. This activity allows children to explore their skills of drawing, cutting, painting, etc. and come up with interesting artworks.
Paper piecing has been used in the creation of embellishments (shapes and designs) for scrapbooks/albums. It is often compared with that of putting together a puzzle. Different components of a particular pattern are used to form a picture.
Paper piecing can be used to create simple as well as intricate designs. Patterns for scrapbooks can be bought online. Many websites offer such patterns for free, as well. It is not always necessary to go for complicated/intricate designs.
Even simple designs from calendars, children's coloring books, and other such sources can be used as an inspiration for paper piecing designs.
A few examples that might help you get started:
  • Quilt magazines
  • Kid's picture books
  • Coloring books
  • Clip art books
  • Desktop publishing programs
  • Paper craft books available in the library
  • Country woodworking magazines

General Instructions

These few pointers should be useful and help you in creating some beautiful artworks for your scrapbook.
  • A design/pattern suitable for the theme should be selected.
  • The next step is to select a cardstock paper with desired pattern.
  • First, trace the pattern on the cardstock paper and then cut it with scissors.
  • To give a dimension and a shading effect, you can make use of scrapbook chalk or ink or felt pens.
  • Glue all the pieces together. Foam adhesive can be used to give it a different look.
  • Decorate it with embellishments like buttons, beads, ribbons, etc.

How to Make a Paper Piecing Rose

You require a clear picture/image of a rose, scan it for further modification.
● A number of picture editing software come with features that allow you to modify images. Corrections to the picture can also be made with the help of such software.
● Pictures can be enlarged as well as enhanced in their appearance. They can also be made sharper and cleaner.
● The internal lines (those other than the outline) should be darkened to make them prominent.
● Next you print the picture in a size that's suitable for a scrapbook page.
● Use tracing paper/white paper to cover the print. Mark the outline of the rose. Internal features of the rose should be traced separately after drawing the outline.
● Cut every section. Number the pieces since that would help you during the final process of putting all the papers together.
● Glue the pieces that are cut from the print to cardstock papers.
● These cardstock papers should then be cut out for creating templates. These templates can be laminated to make them reusable.
● Use these templates to cut colored pieces of paper. Stick these paper pieces to the scrapbook page.
● Embellishments can be used to make the rose pattern colorful in appearance.
These simple tips and instructions should help you in creating nice and attractive designs.