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Simple and Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids - Make Them Think!

Simple and Easy Woodworking Projects for Kids
Art and craft activities not only engage children, but also help enhance their creativity. Simple and easy woodworking projects for kids will help them think innovatively, and also give them the much-needed boost for creativity.
Ranjan Shandilya
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Children are brimming with energy and are always on the lookout for finding something interesting and creative to do. Art and craft activities are great ways to put their energies to use, because these not only help increase their creativity, but also improve the dexterity with which they can use their fingers. Woodworking projects are ideal means to occupy kids and incorporate their millions of interesting ideas into action. Since these activities introduce them to the creative side of life fairly early on, they are able to develop this form of thinking. The following section of this CraftCue article will take you through 3 fairly simple projects that you can undertake with your children or at a school that you teach.
Snowmen Fence
Since kids below the age of seven cannot handle any kind of woodworking projects, we have come up with this simple project for kids that fall under the age bracket of 7 and slightly below. This is a popsicle stick craft that does not require the use of any dangerous tools and small children will love this activity, especially during Christmas season.
~ Popsicle sticks (about 6 inches long and ¾ inch wide), 6
~ Paint stir sticks, 5
~ White craft paint
~ Rub-on snowmen faces
~ Felt buttons and yarn to make outfits
~ Glue
~ Ruler
~ Scissors
~ Wire or string
Paint stir sticks
~ Line up the paint stir sticks in one line over a rough newspaper and paint them white in color with the help of a paintbrush. More than one coat may be necessary. Let the sticks dry completely.
Pinting popsicle sticks
~ Similarly, the popsicle sticks have to be painted white in color as well. More than one coat may be necessary. Let the sticks dry completely.
Paint snowman faces
~ Rub the snowmen faces on the paint sticks as per the directions provided on the package. You can also paint the faces using markers or craft paint.
Snowmen with yarn
~ Next, make scarves for each snowman out of rough yarn and glue it in place around the 'neck' of the paint sticks. Get as creative as you can with shawls, scarves, and braids.
Snowmen with hats
~ Make small hats and glue them to the 'head' of the snowmen. You can even use a pom-pom for a funny look.
~ Next, glue on the buttons on to the sticks.
Snowmen Fence
~ Apply wood glue on the back of the painted snowmen and stick them to the Popsicle sticks to make a fence.
~ The bottom popsicle stick is about 3 inches from the bottom of the snowman while the upper stick is about three and half inches above the bottom popsicle stick. You can use a scale to mark the positions where the paint stick will be glued to the Popsicle in an effort to ensure that your fence is straight.
~ Tie some wire or strings at the end of the fences to hang it in a room.
Pumpkin Heads
This is a very interesting piece of craft and is especially useful if you have odd pieces of wood lying about in your house. The kids will especially love these customized pumpkin heads during Halloween.
~ Wooden blocks of any shape
~ Sanding foam block
~ Craft paint, orange, black and white
~ Paintbrush
~ Ribbon
~ Nail
~ Hammer
Block of wood
~ A block of wood is required. Make sure that it is not very heavy. If you do not have any lying around in your backyard, you could probably ask the building supply store for a scrap end.
Sanding the wood
~ Sand the block of wood thoroughly and remove the sharp ends or the splinters. Dust off with a damp piece of cloth.
Hammer the nail
~ Hammer in a nail and leave the head of the nail about half an inch above the wooden surface.
Paint the wood
~ Paint the block of wood in orange color and let it dry.
Paint face
~ Paint on the facial details and let it dry.
Wooden pumpkin head
~ Tie a piece of ribbon and a strong string around the nail.
~ The wooden pumpkin heads are ready and can be hung near the fireplace or can be placed by a window.
Key Chain Holder
This activity is a very handy one that the kids will especially love because the final product can be used by all in the house. They will feel a sense of achievement for having done something that they can proudly display. Given the difficulty of this task, it is meant for children eight years and above.
~ Wooden piece
~ Nails
~ Craft paints
~ Sanding Foam
~ Paintbrush
~ Plaster of Paris
~ Thick adhesive
~ Cling film
~ Hammer
~ Sand the piece of wood thoroughly to ensure that all the splinters have been cleared. Next, wipe it with a moist cloth.
Nails in wood
~ Take the wooden piece and mark equidistant points to hammer the nails to hold the keys. Hammer the nails one by one into the marked spots.
Paint the wood
~ The next step is to take the craft paint and paint the piece of wood. You may require two to three coats to give it a good finish.
Mix adhesive and plaster of Paris
~ While the wooden piece is drying, take the plaster of Paris in a bowl and add the adhesive to it. Using a spoon, mix them both till a rough, dough-like consistency is formed.
~ Don't expect the dough to be smooth, because you are not using your hands. Note that you should not touch the POP mixture with your hands, because the heat from your hands will harden the mixture.
~ Now, carefully spoon the mixture into the cling film and seal it. Let it rest for ten minutes.
Key Chain Holder
~ Take some mixture onto a smooth working platform and seal the rest. Using your hands, smoothen the dough and shape it into little flowers, etc., very quickly, because the dough will harden very fast.
~ Make any design, shapes, alphabets, etc.; set aside to dry.
~ Once it's dry, paint them well. Then, stick them onto the wooden block.
~ Decorate it any way you like. You can even paint a few designs using the paintbrush. Allow the whole piece to dry.
Hammer nails
~ Hammer two nails behind the wooden block as well and tie a strong string or metal chain between them, to hold them on the wall. The string can be put across any nail on the wall, thereby holding the key chain holder on the wall.
Important Note
Woodworking projects for kids are really fun projects to carry out during the vacations. Moreover, these activities excite children. You can even have them gift wrap these lovely homemade crafts and present it to their dear ones. All these projects will require adult supervision and assistance. Certain projects make use of tools like hammers and nails which can injure children.
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