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Simple Kids' Crafts

Mamta Mule Nov 18, 2018
Here are some simple kids' crafts that will keep them engaged and help them utilize their spare time in some creative learning.
Kids easily get bored and no parents would like them watching the television. Children would love to spend hours sitting in front of the television set, but that won't really help them. Then, what do you do in such cases, when they have ample of free time but don't want to study!
Indulging kids in some art and craft activities, will help them spend their time in learning new things and get a chance to explore their creativity. Moreover, they are sure to enjoy a lot. So, here are some of the best and simple kids' crafts, making which would be a real fun for your kids. Let's see.

Crafts to Make

Soap and Washcloth fish

You'll need a plain white washcloth, travel soap bar, preferably oval shape, red colored ribbon, self adhesive foam and rubber band. Start by placing the soap bar in center of the washcloth. Now gather the washcloth from all corners. Tie a rubber band around the washcloth to secure the soap bar.
The soap bar forms the body and gathered washcloth behind the rubber band forms the tail of the fish. Take a dark-colored self adhesive foam and cut it into heart shape to form fins and stick on each side. Cut the foam in 2 small oval shapes for eyes. Stick it on each side.
Cut two small circles for eyeballs and stick them on each eye. Cut a pink colored felt in crescent moon shape and stick it on front center. A cute fish is ready. Tie the ribbon over the rubber band and hang the fish where you like to.

Pencil Case

A pencil case is a useful thing for each child. Instead of buying one, why not teach your kids to make one themselves! They'll love to carry a self made pencil case. Here's how. You'll need a 9X11inch craft form, 1/8 inch paper punch, Velcro sticky back fasteners and plastic string. The longer side is the height of the pencil holder.
Now fold it in the center, i.e at 4.5 inches. So, you have 3 sides open. You have to pack two sides out of these, the height and base. Top will be open. Punch holes at equal distance on base and height. Do not punch holes for 2 inches at top.
Tie the plastic string to first hole of the base, put a knot and start lacing into each hole till you reach the topmost hole. Again put a knot and secure tightly. Cut off the remaining string. Now you have the top part open, which needs to be converted into a flap. There are two pieces at the top, cut off one to have a single piece, which will be the flap.
Now stick Velcro to this flap. Stick other part of velcro to the pencil case. Fold the flap downwards and you have a closed pencil case ready. Take colored foam stickers and decorate the foam surface. Put in your pencils, eraser, pans and get ready to use it.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is an interesting and one of the simple toddler crafts.
You'll need a small wood photo frame, acrylic paint (white, red, blue, green), foam alphabet stickers, foam numeric stickers. Start by painting the frame in white color. Leave it for drying. Now remove the paper backing from the foam alphabet shapes and stick them on the top border of the frame, extending over the right border.
Now remove paper backing from the foam numeric shapes and stick them from left border extending over the base border. Draw small circles or other shapes using various acrylic colors on empty white space. Put in your kid's photograph and place this frame in his/her study room.
The aforementioned ideas are sure to be liked by your kids. They'll have fun time making these. You can help them in these crafts if required for some steps. So, let your child have fun and learn interesting and useful crafts.