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How to Make Snow Globes for Kids

Sujata Iyer Nov 20, 2018
Snow globes have been fascinating children since ages. Let us learn how to make one ourselves.
Samara kept her precious magic orb at her bedside. Every night before she went to sleep, she shook it vigorously. She watched the snow rise and fall in the orb. She watched it settle on the heads of the prince and the princess, while they danced to an unheard tune.
When the snow settled, she shook it again and gradually went off to sleep, watching the peaceful snow rest on the heads. She did this every night, until one night, her dog entered the room and with one swish of his bushy tail, he knocked down the magic orb that had helped her sleep all these years.
She wondered if she could make one for herself. And when she found out that she could, she was elated beyond belief. She gathered all the material and set out to make her own snow globe! She made one much prettier and much more personal than the one that had been destroyed.
As you may very well know, snow globes have always been one of the prettiest gifts that can be given, whether it is for weddings, anniversaries or most popularly for kids!
There's something about the transparent orb with small figurines inside that is indeed magical. When shaken, it's as if a whole new world comes to life within it.
Everything within is rejoicing in the pretty snowfall. If you want to learn and involve your kids in a project that will make them happy with the result, then try making a snow globe. Learn how in the sections ahead.

How to Make a Snow Globe

When it comes to crafts, kids can either be very picky and choosy or they can do whatever comes their way. But we have here an idea that is so amazing, that they'll thank you profusely for it. Given here are step by step instructions on making snow globes at home.
Gather the Material: For the snow globe, you'll require a transparent food jar with its lid, a small figurine that you want to place inside the globe, florist clay, glue gun (hot glue), glitter or fake snow. All these materials are available at any craft store. So you won't have a problem finding them.
Install the Figurine: The next step is to take the figurine and attach it securely to the lid. For this, you need to take off the lid, apply a generous amount of the florist clay on the inside of the lid and then make the figurine stand on it.
You can add other accessories if you wish. To check how it will look, place the jar over the lid and check if you've got the desired height. Adjust the height by adding more clay if you need.
Fill Water: Next step, fill the jar with water until it is almost full. Around ¾ of the jar filled with water is fine. You don't want it to overflow out of the jar. After you fill it with water, add half a teaspoon of the glitter or fake snow into the water.
Glue the Lid: The final step is to fix the lid onto the jar. For this, use the hot glue gun and line the inside portion of the lid. Then, fix the lid, with the figurine's face down into the water. Then using screws, fix the lid tightly onto the jar, and leave the glue to dry.
You can incorporate many ideas into this easy homemade craft. You can choose themes, use different objects instead of figurines, and also use colored glitter and confetti to make cute and fun snow globes for kids. Have fun!